"Mount Holyoke College"
by Donna Albino '83

Arcadia Publishing. 2001.
By the turn of the twentieth century, Mount Holyoke College had already built a strong reputation as a female seminary and was emerging as a top-ranked women's college, especially for students in the sciences. Around this time, postcards were becoming a popular and entertaining form of communication. In this attractive and fascinating volume, we get a glimpse of the early images of the school, as well as the messages written by students in attendance as they kept in touch with family and friends. As the school grew and changed, so did the messages sent home from the campus.
Donna Albino has spent the last 15 years collecting more than 1100 postcards of Mount Holyoke College. Her favorites have long been those cards inscribed with news of the day, discussing items during President Woolley's tenure, student traditions, or social clubs and events.

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