Bradford-Kennedy School

[Bradford-Kennedy School]


A postcard mystery! This card surfaced in November 2007 and I knew nothing about the history of the school. At the Mount Holyoke Archives, I discovered a 1996 Hampshire Weekend Gazette article written by Irene Cronin that gave me more information.

Two alums of Mount Holyoke, Mary Alice Bradford 1890 and Virginia Wadlow Kennedy 1896 established this girls' preparatory school in South Hadley in Dr. Hooker's house on Park Street. Classes began in 1916 for girls from 12 to 20 years old, including college prep work and one year of advanced work. The school went out of existence in 1920.

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Bradford-Kennedy School
front "Bradford-Kennedy School South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, unused. Published by the Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY.