Bridgman Hall

[Bridgman Hall]


Three buildings were purchased in 1916 for badly needed student housing: The Woodbridge, Mountain View, and Bridgman. Bridgman Hall was located near The Woodbridge and I have several postcards here that show both halls in one picture. Former Higgins property, it was named for trustee Sidney E. Bridgman. Since 1982, it has been a center for Frances Perkins scholars.

Bridgman Hall - Graduate Dormitory
front Untitled view of Bridgman Hall.
back "Bridgman Hall - Graduate Dormitory Mt. Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass." Published by Bromley and Company, Inc. #MA-1398, also numbered #56332. Postmarked Sep 19, 1962 in New Haven CT. Sender crossed out the words "Graduate Dormitory" in the title. "In the process of settling an old fashion room. It is in the main road directly across from major buildings. 21 girls with a French grad student for house mother - and one bathroom! Nice view from window and it will be real cozy. Sally's roommate is from Tulsa. Things are shaping up fine. Thanks again for your hospitality. [signature]"

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