Village Church

[Village Church]


This church is on the north corner of College Street and Park Street; Dwight Hall is on the south corner of College Street and Park Street, so this church is just on the outskirts of the campus.

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All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Village Church
front "Village Church, South Hadley, Mass." Inscription: "Jan 23, 1905 The first night of my danceing. [sic] Nellie Shaw."
back Undivided back, stamp box, postally unused, but addressed to Mrs. Edith Mallory. Underneath, someone else wrote in pencil "was Amherst nurse".

2283 Cong. Church
front "Cong. Church So. Hadley, Mass. 2283"
back Divided back, postmarked Nov 13, 1914 5:30pm in South Hadley. "Dear Lillian I send you by same mail, a paper containing the account of Founders Day at the College. Please let me know if you receive it, also the letter I sent you so long ago. This is Mr. N's church. I am very well. We so are all of yours much love, cousin S."

Village Church
front "Village Church, South Hadley, Mass." #A22650 in photo.
back Divided back, postmarked Jan 28, 192? 12:30pm in South [Hadley?]. Scott Photo #B61 Made in Germany. "Dear Mammie - Am getting along as well as may be expected. I wonder if you ever got a picture of this village church. It is right above the college. Have you heard about the smallpox in Middletown? We are not allowed to receive visitors from there. Love, Lina"

Village Church
front "Village Church, South Hadley, Mass." #A22650 in photo. Scott Photo #B61
back Undivided back, stamp box, postmarked Apr 26, 1935 10am in South Hadley. Made in Germany. Translation courtesy of Enis Turcan: "29,4,1935 My dear sister, I have received your letter dated 14th April, on 24th of April. This is the first time that a letter of yours arrived here in only 10 days time. I hope you received my letter that I have sent to You. I am starting to work very hard again for finals. On the 25th May the lectures will finish and the day after the examinations will start. I am very busy like the others. On the 10th Jun there will be finishing ceremonies here. I wish you were all here, because everyone's family will be here. Regards, Leman Avni"
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Village Church
front "Village Church, South Hadley, Mass." Inscription continues from reverse.
back Undivided back (but made divided by the senter), postmarked Dec 9, 1910 12midnight in South Hadley. "Dear mother,- Rec'd my washing this morning. Everything was all right in it. Shall have quite a little to bring home when I come. Have just been to Freshmen prayer meetings. Ever so much obliged for sending my skates. They may hae an ice carnival any time if the ice keeps as smooth as it is now. I probablly shall not go as I can't find any boy in this part of the country to take me. I went yesterday skating and found I never knew what skating was before. The ice was as smooth as glass. Lots of love, Winifred. Thursday evening"