Cowles Lodge

[Cowles Lodge]


Built in 1910, Cowles Lodge was named for Louise Cowles, class of 1866 and acting Seminary president 1889-90. It was student housing until it was torn down in 1965 to make way for Ham Hall's parking lot.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Cowles Lodge Foot Bridge
front "Cowles Lodge Foot Bridge, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back. Published by C. A. Gridley & Son. #1125. Printed in Germany. Postmarked Sep 19, 1919 5:30pm in South Hadley. "We did not send you a letter by H - did not think best. but was sorry not to see about the matter before we left. Had a fine trip. Wish you might have attended the Exposition to [sic] much to see in one day Will be home before many days JM - The boys have giant rabbit to bring home"

front A real photo card. Untitled
back Undivided back, postally unused, stamp box. Stamped by The Jones Library Incorporated, Amherst, Massachusetts along the right, and inscribed "Cowles Lodge Mount Holyoke College" along the left.

Cowles Lodge
back Divided back, Postmarked on Jan 2, 1913 in South Hadley. Published by C. A. Gridley & Son. #1084. Printed in Germany. "Dear Grandma, At last we have some postals of Cowles Lodge. Don't you think it looks nice and roomy? I am going to have [those?] pictures printed soon. Lovingly Esther"
[In the book!]

Cowles Lodge
front "Cowles Lodge, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, not postally used. Published by The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. Inscription: "This is where K-O is living this year. The Paderewski concert is going to be this Friday night, I just heard the same night as the Dramatic Club play. Love to everybody and best wishes for yourself. Lina."

P9090 Cowles Lodge
front "P9090 Cowles Lodge, Mt. Holyoke College, So. Hadley, Mass." Photo by Underwood & Underwood, N. Y. The colors visible in the vertical lines of the porch railing are a scanning anomaly; they do not appear in the original card.
back Divided back, stamp box, unused.