Eliot House

[Eliot House]


Built in 1961, Eliot House was named for Dr. Frederick May Eliot, trustee from 1940 to 1958. The Meditation Garden and Room were redesigned in 1984 and dedicated as Wa-Shin-An. I had no images of Eliot House in my collection, so I took this photo on September 7, 1998. I have since found a few Eliot House postcards.

front Untitled photo of Wa-Shin-An
back Divided back, unused. "Wa-Shin-An, Mount Holyoke's Japanese Meditation garden and tea house, opened in 1984, and received its name from the Japanese words for peace, mind, and house. The garden was designed by landscape artist Osamu Shimizu; the tea house was built by architect Teruo Hara. Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075"

Eliot House - Fellowship of Faiths Building
front Untitled photo of Eliot House
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. "Eliot House - Fellowship of Faiths Building / Mt. Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass." Published by Bromley and Company, Inc., Boston 16, Mass. #MA-1395, also #56321. No ZIP code means pre-1963 publication.