The Seventy-fifth Anniversary Celebration in 1912



The 75th anniversary of the College's founding was a festive affair. See also my book collection for some more material from the anniversary, including a viewbook from the pageant.

The Images

Festival Procession
front "Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Mount Holyoke 1837-1912 Festival Procession Tuesday afternoon October the eighth on the green at half after two o'clock"

front "The Trustees and Faculty of Mount Holyoke College invite you to be present at the commemoration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Institution on Tuesday and Wednesday the eighth and ninth of October ninteen hundred and twelve/You are requested to reply before the seventh of September to Miss Caroline B. Greene, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts, indicating the exercises which you will attend in order that tickets of admission may be reserved"
enclosure Evidently an enclosure with the invitation, it lists all the events of the anniversary celebration, general notes and instructions, and the train schedule.

front "Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Mount Holyoke College Tuesday October 8, 1912" Signed on the cover by Hubbard.
inside Schedule of events
back The old Alma Mater; the present day Alma Mater is a different song. Sing this one to the tune of "O Christmas Tree."

Exercises in Commemoration
front "Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts Exercises in Commemoration of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary October eighth and ninth Nineteen Hundred and Twelve" Signed on the cover by Mrs. Walter L. Hubbard '96.

Things Every Mount Holyoke Woman Should Know
front "Things Every Mount Holyoke Woman Should Know...and be Proud of" A four-page pamphlet distributed at the 75th anniversary. There is at least one wrong fact: it stated Williston Hall (1876) was the oldest building on campus, when the Pump House is several decades older. (Williston was the oldest academic building on the campus at the time.)

Plea for the Student Alumnae Building
front "Another Plea for the Student Alumnae Building of Mt. Holyoke College" A fundraising plea distributed at the 75th anniversary; they were trying to raise construction funds before 1916.

Song Recital
front "Mount Holyoke College Tuesday Evening October 8, 1912 at eight o'clock Song Recital by Madame Louise Homer" Inside, and on back cover: lyrics to each of the pieces she performed.