Dance Cards, and Other Amusements

[Dance Card]


I have a few dance cards, and other items that are for amusement by Mount Holyoke students.

The Images

All items are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Triangular Dance Card, 1933
front "Saturday Night Dance Mount Holyoke College" Inscription: "Jan. 14, 1933"
back Inscription: "Dorthy Shear Wilder Hall"

Spring Dance Card, circa 1933
outside "Mount Holyoke College Spring Dance" on front [undated, but it must be around 1933 because of the range of students present], "Miss Harriet Allyn, Miss Gertrude Bruyn, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Carver, Miss Muriel Farnum, Miss Janet Brewster, Miss Janet Jobson"
inside Dances reserved for Florence Ohlson, Betty Hagemeyer-Fred Smith, Jane Armour-Joe West, Betty Comfort-Lawrence Grimes, Irene Bander, Eleanor Saurer-Jack Hearne, Lucille Morris-Woody Maloney, Marge Reid, Jan Benedict-Al Meyers, Shirley Reid, Onolee Dunbar-Chester Sharda, Martha Kelley, Peg Whitcomb

Pinochle Playing Cards, 1917
front Double Pinochle playing cards. Box inscribed "Ruth M. Graves 1917 Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass."

Mount Holyoke Telescope, April 1918
front A newspaper-sized document; first three pages are photos on the campus, and the last page is advertising. Scan is of the banner on the front page.

1937 Poetry Pamphlet
front "Mount Holyoke College Hundred Year Poems" by Roberta Teale Swartz. A 10-page pamphlet with three poems in it.

Students' Handbook, YWCA, 1904
front "Mount Holyoke College"
title page Signed by Carrie Gowing

Junior Freshman Dance Card, 1928
front "Junior Freshman"
inside front "Junior-Freshman Reception February 11, 1928"
inside Dances with Marion L. Smith, Mary Arnold, Doris Washburn, H. Rapalje, E. Miller, and P. Crockett marked.
inside back "Receiving Line: Miss Purington, Miss Patch, Miss Turner, Miss Adams, Mrs. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Towne, Dr. Groves, Katharine Goodman, Katharine Rothwell"

Junior Freshman Dance Card, 1929
front "Junior Freshman"
inside front "Junior-Freshman Reception Chapin Auditorium December 7, 1929" No dances marked inside.
inside back "Receiving Line: Miss Woolley, Miss Allyn, Miss Voorhees, Miss Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Van Erhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Towne, Dr. Groves, Miss Dietrich, Miss Stevenson, Sarah Holmes, Dorothy Wacker"

Soph:Senior Dance Card, 1928
front "Soph:Senior"
inside front "Sophomore-Senior Reception Chapin Auditorium November 17, 1928" No dances marked inside.
inside back "Receiving Line: Miss Woolley, Miss Purington, Mrs. Frame, Miss Greene, Miss Adams, Miss Patch, Miss Dietrich, Miss Turner, Mrs. Holmes, Dr. Groves, Mr. and Mrs. Towne, Mr. Hammond, Frederika Critchett, Evelyn Ladd"

Spring Dance Card, 1932
front Untitled.
inside front "Spring Dance Mount Holyoke College Saturday April 9, 1932"
inside Dances with Minna Washburn, Sally Palm, Louise Reeder, Eleanor Denham, Teddy Phelps, Louise Gilbert, Barbara Warren, Kay Howell, Lee Whitehill, Betty Taylor, Mim Snow, Virginia Hill, and Burnell Shinn marked.
inside back "Receiving Line: Miss Allyn, Miss Cheek, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Carver, Margaret Dunlop, Janet Brewster, Jean Louise Sykes. Dance Committee: Chairman: Jean Louise Sykes; Programs: Janet Congdon; Finance: Mary Stow; Decorations: Dorothy Winans; Ushers: Elizabeth Brown; Orchestra: Frances Bagg"

Reception for New Students, 1927
front Reception of Welcome to Entering Students Chapin Auditorium September 24, 1927" Inscribed: "Marjorie Hughes '31" in pencil at the top.
inside front "Receiving Line: Miss Mary E. Woolley, Miss Florence Purington, Miss Caroline B. Green, Miss Mary Ashby Cheek, Miss Mary Custin Foster, Miss Harriet Cottle, Miss Mary Reynolds, Miss Anne Noble, Miss Katharine Goodman"
inside Autographs by: Huckie Finn '29, Mary McKelvey '29, Jane Woods, Katharine Dixon '29, Mina Lyle '31, Marjorie Waterhouse, Berta Rogers '30, Constance Albrech, Eileen Stantial '29, Elizabeth Bail '31, Helen Mason '29, Eileen Paradis, Jane G. Wandless, Mary Ellen Hayes '29, Frances Eddy '31, Maurine Taff '31, Margaret Selover '29, Dorothy Benware, Evelyn Ladd '31, Eleanor Kellogg '31
inside Autographs by: Abbie Rollins '29, Cornelia Kuyper, Margaret Schofield '29, Marian Scott '31
back "Reception Chairmen: Miss Elizabeth Mayer, Miss Anne White"

Two Decks of Playing Cards, 1937
deck and box Kay-Tee playing cards. Cards have the college seal on the back with the dates 1837-1937 in it, so I believe these cards were issued in 1937. The joker shows a woman contemporary with that date. One deck is red, and one deck is blue.

Williston Senior Promenade dance card, 1921
front Williston Senior Promenade dance card, May 6, 1921, Easthampton, Mass. McCartin's Orchestra of Springfield, Mass. Signed inside the back cover by Helen Spencer '22. There are spaces for 24 dances, though only some of them have been filled out. Some glue marks on the back cover suggest this dance card was once pasted in a scrapbook.

YMCA and Students' League Reception autograph booklet, 1918
front YWCA and Student's League Reception, Sept 21, 1918. Signed on the front cover by Helen Spencer '22. It looks like it might be a dance card, but the internal pages are merely labeled "Autographs." Three pages contain autographs of students in the classes of 1919-1922. Some glue marks on the back cover suggest this booklet was once pasted in a scrapbook.

Junior Prom dance card, class of 1943
front College seal, 1943. Inside pages reveal the prom was Sat, Apr 18, 1942 and the cost was $5.00. The committee members and the receiving line are printed inside, and there are spaces for dance partners to be written in, but this dance card is unused. Printed by Elliott of Philadelphia.

Junior Prom dance card, class of 1906
front Red leather with class pegasus on the cover. Inside pages reveal the prom was Feb 22, 1905. The class officers and committee members are printed inside, and the dances have been filled in with male partners, of the form Mr. Lastname. These appear to be members of the class of 1906 attending the prom in drag as dates for other, female-dressed, class members. Owned by Helen Stetson 1906.