[Luncheon Invitation]


I have a number of attractive invitations in my collection.

The Images

All items are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Luncheon Invitation
envelope and invitation Addressed to Mrs. G. E. Matthies Mount Holyoke College, in an envelope with a Mount Holyoke College return address; the invitation reads "Miss Mary E. Woolley requests the pleasure of Mrs. Matthies' company at luncheon on Monday, June the fourteenth at one o'clock Mead Hall Mount Holyoke College Please reply"

Seminary's 50th Anniversary Celebration Invitation
front of envelope Addressed to Mrs. A. French, Holbrook, Mass.
back of envelope Cancelled on Feb 3, 1887 in Holbrook, Mass.
insert "It will greatly aid us, if in your reply, and always in writing to the Seminary, you will state the last year of your connection with it, and your maiden as well as married name."
invitation The invitation, list of events, and urge to RSVP.
2nd mailing She must have replied that she wanted to come, because this is the second mailing about fares to South Hadley and lodging. A handwritten note states "You can have lodgings at Mr. Levi Allen's. Meals at tent."
2nd mailing, inside Rest of greeting, plus railroad schedule.

Semi-Centennial Ribbon
front "Mount Holyoke Seminary Semi-Centennial 1837-1887" Gold on blue satin. Also displays the Seminary seal. Distributed to those who went to the celebration. If it was an alumna who had RSVP'ed, it had her year of graduation on it. This one does not have a year on it, so it was probably issued to a guest other than an alumna.

Commencement 1888
front "1888 / The Senior Class of Mt. Holyoke Seminary invites you to be present on Commencement Day June twenty-first, Eighteen hundred and eighty-eight." Inside and back are blank.