Miscellaneous Ephemera

[Perkins Autograph]


And here is the rest of the ephemera that doesn't fall nicely into a category.

The Images

All items are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Semi-Centennial Ribbon
front "Mount Holyoke Seminary Semi-Centennial 1837-1887" Gold on blue satin. Also displays the Seminary seal.

Campus Security Patch
front "Police Campus Security" Also contains the Mount Holyoke College seal.

Small Painting
front Ticky-tacky little thing. The back is what is interesting.
back "The V. M. C. Prints (Varnished "Masters in Color") Title: The Card Players/Painter: de Hooch/Number: V. M. C. 364/Gallery Location: Buckingham Pal." Inscription in bottom right: "Souvenir of Miss Mary Woolley/President of Mt. Holyoke College" The woman I purchased this from bought it at a yard sale in Seminole, FL. The elderly lady that she purchased it from said it belonged to a friend who had been an acquaintance of Mary Woolley, and that the art print is at least 100 years old.

Frances Perkins Autograph
front "Autographed Signature of the Secretary of Labor"

Mount Holyoke Telescope, April 1918
front A newspaper-sized document; first three pages are photos on the campus, and the last page is advertising. Scan is of the banner on the front page.

Certificate of Candidate for Admission, 1907
front Signed by the principal of her previous college: "I hereby certify that Miss Mary Rebecca Walton has satisfactorily completed the work required for admission to Mount Holyoke College in the preliminary subjects: Arithmetic Latin Greek" etc.
inside left Details of her course work
inside right Details of her course work
back Or maybe this was the front?

Application for Advanced Standing, 1907
front Mary Rebecca Walton wanted to enter MHC as a sophomore, having attended Powhatan College the year before.
inside left Details of her course work
inside right Details of her course work
back Details of her course work, with the signature of the registrar at Powhatan College.

Publication Editor Letterhead
top Letterhead from the publication editor at Mount Holyoke. Undated.

Mary Lyon Print
print Print of Mary Lyon with her signature printed underneath. Undated.

Alumnae Association Report, 1916
front Annual Report of the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, 1916. Founders Day meeting minutes, building fund report, treasurer's report, and more. This is the document where I learned the Vacation House was actually the Judson.

Faculty Data, 1916
front "Data Concerning the Faculty of Mount Holyoke COllege and THeir Departments June, 1916" Acquisitions in each department; projects, publications and locations of all the professors.

Report of the Entrance Certificate, 1907
front Miss Jeanne E. McEwen was accepted, but needs to take an exam in Maximum French in September.

Retrospect, Alumnae Fund, 1929
front "The Story of Mount Holyoke Alumnae Fund" lists class agents and contributions, and a little note from Mary Woolley about the importance of giving to the Fund.

Two Ink Blotters
front "The College Laundry (Owned and Operated by Mount Holyoke College) Telephone 8211 * Ext. 308 Highest Quality Laundry and Dry Cleansing At Economy Prices / Send Your Dry Cleansing With Your Laundry" Picture is entitled "The Finishing Touches." Plain back. Unused as a blotter.
front Same text as the other. Picture is entitled "Hitting the High Spots." Plain back. Unused as a blotter.

Commencement Ticket, 1918
front "Chapin Auditorium Mount Holyoke College Tuesday June 11, 1918. 10.30 A.M. Commencement Balcony" Published by Jacobs, Springfield, Mass. Plain back.

Political Ink Blotter, 1940
front "Nominate George F. Canney of South Hadley, Mass. for Representative from the 3rd Hampshire District Republican Primaries, Sept. 17, 1940 Served nine years on the Board of Selectmen in South Hadley. Is Chairman of the Program Committee of the Hampshire County Republican Club. Long active in civic affairs of Town, County and State and in service to the Republican Party." Printed in Hampshire County. Plain back.

Two Million Dollar Campaign Fund, circa 1948
envelope "Two Million for Mount Holyoke"
contents Brochure to coax alumnae to donate to the Two Million for Mount Holyoke campaign. Found tucked in a copy of 1948's "Mount Holyoke/Everybody's College," a viewbook of the campus that appears to be part of the fundraising campaign as well.

Broadside for a Missing Student, 1897
front "$500 Reward [for] Bertha Lane Mellish [-] Bertha Lane Mellish, a student at Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass., disappeared from the College on the 18th of November, 1897, and no trace of her has been found since that time[.]" Posted December 10th, 1897.

Seal on Cloth, 1959
front A pocket-shaped pennant of the Mount Holyoke seal for the class of 1959. It was probably removed from a class of 1959 blazer, or was a vendor sample. Thanks to Carolyn Chesebrough Foster '58 for helping to identify this.

Two Tickets, circa 1904
front Red ticket: "Concert of Banjo and Mandolin Clubs Saturday evening Feb. 20 [1904] 7.45 P.M. Mary Lyon Chapel, Mount Holyoke College." Cost is 50 cents. Gray ticket: "Mary Lyon Chapel, Mt. Holyoke College Tuesday Evg. Nov. 17 [1903] - 7.45 p.m. Edwin H. Lemaire, Organ Recital" Cost is 25 cents. Plain backs.

Class of 1904 Reunion Tag
front Class of 1904 tag on a blue ribbon; typically worn on the collar or shirt during reunion weekend.

South Hadley 1903 Ribbon
front South Hadley Old Home Week, July 29-30, 1903. Button attached to a ribbon that says "Historical" on it. Paper label: "Badge worn by Rebecca F. Smith at 150th celebration of So. Hadley in 1903." I have a letter written by Rebecca, and the label appears to be in her handwriting.

Reading List, 1928
front "Mount Holyoke College Reading List Compiled by the Department of English" 1200 copies were printed.

Frederick Douglass advertisement, c. 1886
front An ad for Sulphur Bitters depicting Frederick Douglass with his wife Helen Pitts, pasted to an album page. Unrelated images of the Statue of Liberty and the Village Blacksmith are pasted on the reverse.

YWCA Student Handbook, 1912
front "Student's Handbook / Mount Holyoke College / Presented by Young Women's Christian Association" Signed on title page by Julie Hawks Perlman.

Freshman Handbook, 1964
front "Freshman Handbook for the Class of 1964 prepared by their Sister Class, 1962"

Freshman Handbook, 1951
front "Freshman Handbook in 1947 Mount Holyoke College With the compliments of The Juniors, Class of 1949"

SGA Handbook, 1945-1946
front "Handbook of Information / Student Government Association of Mount Holyoke College"

SGA Constitution, 1959
front "Constitution of the Student Government Association of Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts September 1959"

Ad brochure, circa 1922
front Front of a small folded booklet advertising businesses in South Hadley center. One of several items that came to me signed by Helen Spencer '22, but this was not one of the signed items. Advertisement for Glesman's Pharmacy on the cover.
inside Ad for Gridley's diner, plus information about postal rates from the post office.
inside More post office information, and an ad for the College Inn.
inside Ads for Felice Brothers shoe repair, the fire department, Earl Buss notary public and taxi service, Bennett's repair shop, and Croysdale Inn and tea rooms.
back Back cover advertisement for R. S. Carey the florist. Glue marks from being pasted in a scrapbook at one point.

Your Bonds for Your College, circa 1919
front Front of a folded advertisement for the Million and a Half Endowment Fund. One of several items that came to me signed by Helen Spencer '22, but this was not one of the signed items.
inside "Fall 1919 through Spring 1921 will be the time of the greatest drive known to the College. Liberty Bonds (as many as you like) checks, drafts, etc. will make this a success." ... "Four Reasons For Bond Giving / 1. All the departments must have enough endowment to cover expenses and pay their faculty adequate salaries. 2. Williston burned in December, 1917. The new biology building which is needed immediately cannot be erected until the money is raised. 3. A new residence hall must be secured to prevent over crowding and to permit larger enrollment. 4. Student Alumnae Hall costs $5,000 a year for upkeep and maintenance. But it is worth it - many times over."
Back cover is blank. Glue marks from being pasted in a scrapbook at one point.

Mount Holyoke Pioneer, c. 1923
front "Mount Holyoke Pioneer" A 6-page booklet on the history of the College, and descriptions of campus life (Poetry Shop, Playshop, Cosmopolitan Club, sports, and President Woolley).