[Commencement Program]


I have a number of programs from campus events.

The Images

All items are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Summer School in Speech, 1937
front cover "Mount Holyoke College announces a co-educational Summer School in Speech July 7-August 11, 1937" A photo of the Field Gate.
inside front cover Recreational opportunities, living arrangements, admission requirements and credits, location, fees. Photo of a woman using a voice recording instrument.
inside back cover Faculty, lecturers and artists, description of courses. Photo of the approach to Mandelle Hall.
back cover Description of courses. Photo of women in canoes on the lake.

1900 Theatre Program
front The shield has "M.H." and "MDCCCC" (1900 in Roman numerals) on it.
inside: I couldn't scan it without taking it apart. There are two sheets of paper inside.
First page: "Rosemary/That's for Remembrance/Presented by the Senior Class in the Gymnasium, June 20th, 1900"
Second page: "Cast of Characters. Sir Jasper Thorndike, Kate Paterson/Professor Jogram, Grace Hammond/Captain Cruikshank, R. N., Tirzah Smith/William Westwood, Belle Mead/George Minifie, Bertha Schlotzer/Abraham, Helen Douglas/The Stilt Walker, Bertha Schlotzer/Mrs. Cruikshank, Eleanor Guild/Dorothy Cruikshank, Bertha Waite/Mrs. Minifie, Laura Smith/Priscilla, Pearl Taylor"
Third page: "Scenes/Act I. Cross Roads, Longburton, June 23d, 1838. Act II. Ingle Hall, June 24th. Act III. Upper Room at Mrs. Minifie's Coffee House, London, June 28th. Act IV. Same as Act III, June 21st, 1887."

Play and Poetry Shop Talk
front "Play and Poetry Shop Talk Twelfth Series 1916-1928" The front page of this program explains what this presentation was all about. In part, it said "The Department of English Literature through Play and Poetry Shop Talk offers the Helen F. Kimball ... prize, the Hadley Book Shop prize, and the Department of English Literature prize, for the best three thousand word essays on some aspect of present-day (1890-1927) English poetry." This program contains the series of contestants and the schedule of the presentation of their essays from Dec 1, 1927 to May 9, 1928, and also an index of past lectures and readings.

Martha Graham & Dance Company, 1949
front "Martha Graham & Dance Company with Erick Hawkins/Irwin Hoffman, Conductor/Mount Holyoke College Chapin Auditorium November 3, 1949" Inside: Description of 6 works, with credits.

Hyacinth: Junior Show 1921
front Untitled work by Maxfield Parrish. Inside: "Hyacinth: With humble apologies to Maxfield Parish [sic]/Junior Show/Mount Holyoke College November 12, 1921"; reproduction of a letter by Maxfield Parrish apologizing for not being able to attend; photos from the set; reproduction of sheet music for six songs; acts and credits.
front A small program for the same show.
inside Cast of characters and scenes.

Commencement Program 1889
front Front cover of program, with envelope. This was for the family of Mary Etta Ross. Inside: Title page says: "The Senior Class of Mount Holyoke Seminary and College invite you to the Exercises of Commencement Week from the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh of June 1889" The programme lists times and dates for the Baccalaureate sermon, gymnastic exhibition, alumni [sic] meeting, class day exercises, concert, commencement (orator was Rev Luther T. Townsend, D. D.), and senior reception. There's also a second programme page which lists some events with no dates and times, so I don't know how they fit into the Commencement Week activities. These are: President's Greetings by Miss Galloway, Class History by Miss Warner, Class Poem by Miss Anderson, Oration by Miss Wilson, Ivy Poem by Miss Abbot, Charge to '90 by Miss Marion Hubbard, Valedictory by Miss Cora Stone, and the Class Song. The Class Day Committee consists of Miss Houston, Miss Pettengill, and Miss Wilson.

Junior Show 1955
front "Hi-Ho Frisco Junior Show Class of 1955" A 35-page song book.

Junior Show 1921
front "Junior Show 1921" A 36-page program and song book. Signed on the cover by Irene L. Kirkeby '22.

1859 Public Examination
front "Mount Holyoke Female Seminary/Order of Exercises for Public Examination, Commencing Tuesday, July 26, 1859."
inside Events for Tuesday.
back Events for Wednesday and Thursday.

Commencement 1926
outer envelope Postmarked in May of 1926.
inner envelope Same addressee as outer envelope
inside Commencement program and card for Virginia Rowland.

Junior Show 1929
front Program for "Cargoes to Calicut," a show put on by the junior class on Saturday evening, Nov 16, 1929 in Chapin Auditorium, 8:00pm.

The Color Seeker
front Program for "The Color Seeker," presented by the Class of 1922 on November 19, 1920. Cover signed by Hazel Read.

Commencement 1894
front "94 Commencement June 17th to 20th 1894." Contains commencement week activities, and list of graduates.

Play and Poetry Shop Talk
front "Play and Poetry Shop Talk 1916-1925" Ninth Series 1925. This program contains the events from Jan 14, 1925 to May 13, 1925, and also an index of past lectures and readings.

Play and Poetry Shop Talk
front "Play and Poetry Shop Talk Thirteenth Series 1916-1929" This program contains the events from Feb 16, 1916 to Mar 7, 1928, and also an index of past lectures and readings.

Faculty Show 1903
front "Mount Holyoke College. Tuesday Evening, March 24, 1903. At seven-thirty o'clock. Living Pictures from College Life. Presented by the Faculty of Mount Holyoke College. For the benefit of The College Settlements Association. O wad soem Pow'r the giftie gie us / To see oursels as others see us."
inside The cast and the scenes.

By Chance, Presented by the Class of 1918
front "By Chance / A Musical Conglomeration in 3 Acts / Presented by the Class of 1918" Lists the cast of the play and has the sheet music for 14 songs.

Commencement 1904
front "1904 Mt. Holyoke Commencement" Leather cover, tissue paper between pages. Contains commencement week activities, and list of graduates.

Senior Dramatics 1904
front "Senior Dramatics" Program for Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, presented Tuesday, Jun 21, 1904 in the gymnasium.

Commencement 1957
front "Mount Holyoke College One Hundred and Twentieth Commencement Exercises Kendall Hall Sunday, June 2, 1957" Contains lists of awards and graduates.

A Good Girl: Junior Show 1924
front "1924 A Good Girl" Cover signed by Hazel M. Read '24. Sheet music and lyrics for eight songs in the show.

Commencement 1943
front "Mount Holyoke College One Hundred and Sixth Commencement Exercises Chapin Auditorium Thursday, May 27, 1943" Contains lists of awards and graduates.

Forty-Fourth Anniversary Exercises, 1881
front cover "Mt. Holyoke Seminary. Order of Exercises for the Forty-Fourth Anniversary. 1881."
inside Events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each department had a speaker assigned, and there were musical interludes.
back cover "Anniversary Exercises in the Village Church, at 10.30 A.M., Thursday, June 23, 1881. Annual Address, by Hon. Albion W. Tourgee. Presentation of Diplomas. Dedication of Observatory. Remarks by Gov. Long."

Shedding Light on Versylum: Junior Show 1964
front "Shedding Light on Versylum Junior Show 1964" Cast, songs and credits for the show. You can listen to the recording of the show here.

Heavens Below!: Junior Show 1943
front "Heavens Below! Presented by the Class of '43 / November 1, 1941" Contains cast biographies, the credits, and ads for local businesses.
insert Laid inside: a copy of the class of 1943's song.

Anniversary, 1866
front "Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary. Order of Exercises for the Twenty-Ninth Anniversary. 1866."
inside left "Public Examinations Commencing Monday, July 16." With musical intermissions!
inside right Continuation of exams into Tuesday and Wednesday, with more musical intermissions
back Thursday exam, with music. Anniversary exercises in the Village Church. Annual address by Rev. N. G. Clark. Presentation of diplomas to the graduating class by Rev. H. Mead.

Anniversary, 1877
front "Mount Holyoke Seminary Order of Exercises for the Fortieth Anniversary, 1877." Signed in top right corner by M. E. Clapp.
inside left Examination schedule for Tuesday
inside right Examination schedule for Wednesday
back "Anniversary exercises in the Village Church at 11 o'clock, A. M., Thursday, June 21, 1877. Annual address by Prof. M. B. Riddle, D. D. Presentation of Diplomas to the Graduating Class."

Graduate Council, 1924
front Tri-fold pamphlet. Shows the cover and the back two pages. "The Grand Council / Mount Holyoke College / Tenth Annual Session / 28-29 February 1 March 1924 / South Hadley Massachusetts" Also a list of the Association representatives throughout the US and in China. Some names have pencil inscriptions near them indicating a dorm name (Mead, Rocky, Porter, Faculty [House], Hillside [Mandelle]).
inside Shows the inside of the tri-fold pamphlet. Program of events, and a list of the Council members. Pencil inscriptions list alum names associated with various dorms (Wilder, Hillside [Mandelle], Safford) - perhaps where the alums were housed for the duration of the event.

Commencement 1906
front Mount Holyoke College seal. Cardstock cover, with string tie as binding. Contains commencement week activities, and list of graduates.

The Owl's Feather: An Irish Fairy Play, 1917
front "The Owl's Feather March Second 1917" Four-page program for an Irish fairy play presented by the Class of 1917. Lists the cast, synopsis, and committee. A larger version of the program with the text of the play and the sheet music can be seen here.

Williams College Musical Clubs Concert at Mount Holyoke, 1904
front "Concert / Williams College Musical Clubs" Eight-page program for a concert held at Mount Holyoke on Wednesday, March 16, 1904 at Mary Lyon Chapel. Lists the program of events, and all the members of Williams College Musical Association. Printed by Walden & Crawley, North Adams, Mass.