Everett House

[Everett House]


Built in 1800, it was originally known as the Dwight homestead. Acquired in 1882 and named North Hall, it was used for classrooms and dormitory space. North Hall was renamed Everett House in 1900 for Nancy Everett Dwight (class of 1859). It served as the College infirmary from 1901-1959, then as the Russian language house. It was torn down in 1965 to prepare the site for the construction of the Psychology and Education Building which was erected the following year.

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Everett House
front Untitled photo of Everett House
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. "Everett House (1800) Russian Language Residence Hall Mt. Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass." #MA1402 and #56328. Published by Bromley and Company, Inc., Boston 16, Mass. Someone wrote the date "10-2 '78" in the stamp box.