Faraway places



These are postcards sent from faraway places to Mount Holyoke women.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Porteynon, Gower
front "Porteynon, Gower" #5849 by Ernest T. Bush.
back Divided back, postmarked Dec 3, 1928 in Swansea. Published by The Bush Photographic Co., Cardiff. "This is a little village a few miles from us which we visit very often in the summer for bathing. Many thanks for your pcs. Will write in a day or so. Guess you were home for Thanksgiving & looking forward to going for Xmas. Love Peggy." Addressed to Miss M. L. Stuckless at the College.

Brandt Island Road
front Untitled real photo. "Brandt Island Road, 2 1/4 m. from Mattapoisett trolley line to Camp Woodside. It is hard as a state road. Alright for automobiles. Deer are plentiful in this vicinity. Mother received a letter from Mary. We were glad to hear from you all. Aunt Emma is in town. I arrived here the day you left for home."
back Divided back, postmarked Sep 26, 1912 5:30pm in South Hadley. "Birthday Greetings from South Hadley Friends E. M. Brunt."

Lucy Stone House, Orange NJ
front A real photo view.
back Divided back, postmarked Sep 28, 1915 10:30am in Orange NJ. "The Lucy Stone House, Orange NJ." Photograph by George P. Swain. Inscription: "Dear Friend. We all send love and many happy returns of Sept. 29th[.] Have been looking for another good letter. I hope the neuritis hasn't returned in your arm. Regards to Mr. Heath. May Swain." Perhaps May is George's wife?

Isadore Mason's, Gardner, Mass.
front Real photo postcard of what appears to be a church.
back Divided back, postmarked Nov 6, 1909 7pm in Gardner, Mass. Transit mark Nov 7, 1909 6:30pm in South Hadley. "11/6/09 This is a photo of Isadore Mason's - I bought it at the Unitarian Fair last night. Don't you think it is good? Had a big crowd at the Fair, but not so many pretty things for sale as usual. I'm doing a centre piece for ours - nothing elaborate - Glad you are feeling so well. Bertha F. R." Addressed to Miss Josephine Sweet at the college.

Mission San Buena, California
front "Mission San Buena Ventura, Cal" #4500. Transit mark from South Hadley.
back Divided back, postmarked Apr 29, 1908 6am in Nordhoff, Calif. Published by Paul C. Koeber Co, 85 Franklin St, New York City and Kirchhelm (Germany). Addressed to Miss Anna H Wheeler at Mount Holyoke. Inscription: "Nordhoff, Cal. Apr. 28, 1908. We saw this old mission last Sat. when we drove fifteen miles to Ventura to see the fleet sail by, and to enjoy a day on the beach. The Ojai Valley where we are staying is a wonderfully beautiful country where the birds sing all day and flowers bloom luxuriantly. With all good wishes, Bertha E. Blakely"

Constantinople, Turkey
front Postmarked Nov 7, 1916. Addressed to Miss A. H. Turner at Mount Holyoke, from Louise B. Wallace at Constantinople College.
back Undivided back. "November 7, 1916. Your printed card, not dated, came last week with fine news about Dr. Clapp and the Biological Department. Mary is blooming since her return and our college-life runs smoothly. I do not receive Dr. Clapp's letters, alas, but Mary brought so much news that I had a feast. I think of you and Ann very often[.] Loving wishes to you both and to the Doctor. many thanks for your card. Louise B. Wallace"

Mt. Chocorua, New Hampshire
front "Mt. Chocorua and Lake / Camera Study by K. Wright"
back Divided back. Postmarked Aug 5, 1927 in Naples, ME. Addressed to Miss A. H. Turner at Woods Hole. "Bay of Naples Hotel, Thursday night. We have had two perfect days, yesterday cool & clear, today warmer. The going was so good that we went on to the Weirs for the night. We staid [sic] at a funny place right on the lake front, Rose Edward Hotel. I was glad to see New London. It is beautiful. You wd. have loved the cardinal flowers & hardback by the way. This noon we had our lunch just below the Chocorua Inn on the edge of the Lake. Sweet place. Naples is lovely. The view of the bay on one side & Long Lake with the mountains on the other are fine. Wish you were here. Love from S. E. S."

Nordkap, Norway
front "Norge. Midnatsol, Nordkap" 1/102 Eneret Mittet & Co.
back Divided back. Postmarked Jul 20, 1927 11am in Leithdo, and transit mark on Jul 30, 1927 5:30pm in South Hadley. Addressed to Miss Abby Turner in South Hadley, and forwarded to Woods Hole. "M did not see the sun at the North Cape but we have seen it at midnight on four other evenings and have had almost perfect weather all the way. Indeed we had to come up to the Arctic Circle to get varm! Norway is wonderful and this Arcadian trip seems to be admirably planned in every way. Each day brings something different. The Bennett guide has been our constant companion. Best wishes Anne S. Young."

London, United Kingdom
front "London Tower Bridge from the River." #L18 by Judges.
back Divided back. Postmarked Jul 8, 1927 11am in Paddington. Addressed to Miss Abby Turner in South Hadley, and forwarded to Woods Hole. "My dear Miss Turner, As you can guess I am in London. I have been here for four busy days. I love it and am so sorry to be leaving to-morrow for Oxford and the Lake District, 'to' I know that part will be charming. I wish to thank you for your kind note which I received on the Mountain. I've nearly forgotten that terrific thesis & hope you have too. Sincerely Catherine Baldwin"

London, United Kingdom
front "Trafalgar Square. The Nelson Column, London."
back Divided back. Postmarked Aug 6, 1929 1:45pm in London. Addressed to Miss Abby H. Turner in Woods Hole. "London - Bank Holiday, Aug. 5, 1929. I was so glad to get your card, it is up on the table before me now. The general style of the door-way pictured on it does seem a bit different to my surroundings here. I am staying in Suffolk St. off Pall Mall just around the corner from [...] Cooke & everything. By looking out my window around some chimneys I can see Nelsons statue also can see the spire of St. Martins in the Fields and just then I heard Big Ben strike - everything is closed today but the museums & Lyons. H. M. [...]"

Quebec, Canada
front "Gannet Ledges. Bonaventure Island - Perce P.Q." #112
back Divided back. Postmarked Aug 3, 1926 in Perce P.Q. Addressed to Miss Abby H. Turner in London. "Aug. 3. It was very pleasant to hear from you & have your pretty card. I am sending you this stunning view of the ldges we saw yesterday. Miss Smith said you would have loved the birds. They are larger than gulls, have pale-yellow heads & necks, white bodies & wings tipped with black. With best wishes for more good times & a safe return - Anna Starr."

Ripogenus Dam, Maine
front "Ripogenus Dam. 700 ft long, 65 ft high 45 ft wide / Third largest in U.S."
back Divided back. Postmarked Aug 11, 1927. Addressed to Miss Abby H. Turner in Woods Hole. "Wed. Aug. 10. Yesterday it rained and we stayed in. Today has been glorious and we drove 55 miles north in to the wilderness, to Ripgenus Dam, erected by the Gt. Mountain Lumber Co at Rip. Lake. We drove eight mules beyond the dam along the Mt. Katahdin Trail. This is the best trail for the mt. a party of women were doing the mt. today. You would have loved the trip. Tomorrow we start for Bangor where we drop the child. Moosehead Lake is a beautiful place. I'd like to come again and stay in a camp. Love from S. E. S."

Mt. Blue, Maine
front Untitled
back "Mt. Blue from Phillips, Maine" Divided back, postmarked Sep 8, 1937 12noon at Phillips, ME. Addressed to Miss Abby H. Turner at Mount Holyoke College. "Dear Abby: Have just received word from Lizzie. She plans to leave Nashua next Monday for Phillips unless it rains hard. That will be Sept 13". She has never stayed over but the one day but may wait till Thursday the 16th. It will probably be Wednesday the 15th we return. I do so want to see you. Hope it will work out so you can come up soon. You can stay all night for I have plenty of room. Lots of love Jessie."