Gaylord Library

[Gaylord Library]


This building is located next door to Pearsons Hall. It is not College property, as far as I know.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

2294 Gaylord Library
front "2294 Gaylord Library So. Hadley, Mass." The purplish tint to the building is strictly a scanning anomaly; this photo is in black and white.
back Divided back, unused.

Gaylord Library
front "Gaylord Library, Mt. Holyoke College, near Holyoke, Mass." That's Pearsons Hall in the background.
back Divided back, postmarked Dec 14, 1909 5pm in South Hadley. Made in Germany. "Dear Mother, You letter came all O. K. this noon. Was mighty glad to get it. Also had a letter from Alice. Haven't heard just exactly which days the [sic] will want me, but it's between the 22nd & 31st, not including either Christmas & New Year's Days. One week from now shall be on my way homeward. Love Lois."

Gaylord Library
front "Gaylord Library, South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. #1072 C. A. Gridley & Son. Printed in Germany.

Gaylord Library
front Untitled real photo of Gaylord Library. Somewhat earlier than this one, since the shrubbery and the tree are quite a bit smaller.
back Divided back, unused. Inscription: "Gaylord Library Mount Holyoke College Holyoke, Mass." was probably added by a postcard dealer in later years.

N. E. Card Co. Ad
front "If, for purposes of publicity, you wish to distribute or sell post cards of the library, send us photo with $2.00 and we will mail you 100 photo post cards, one subject, full size, or several (up to six) diferent [sic] pictures on the same card. N. E. Card Co., 2389 Washington St., Boston, Mass." Displays collage of four photos, one of which is "2294 Gaylord Library So. Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, postmarked Dec 25, 1914 9am in Boston, MA. Flag cancel with "Roxbury Station" in the star field. Addressed to the Auburn Public Library, Auburn, ME.

Gaylord Memorial Library
front "Gaylord Memorial Library, South Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, postmarked Jan 2, 1915 5:30pm in South Hadley. #E3219 Published by The Springfield News Company, Springfield, Mass. A Newvochrome card. Printed in Germany. "Dear Mrs. Lyman how are you this cold cold winter I hope you are well and Happy we here are very well at Present lovely sky for this time of the year we both wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year from Mrs. and Mr. W. A. Phelps"

Public Library
front "Public Library So. Hadley, Mass."
back Divided back, postmarked Mar 10, 1909 10am in South Hadley. Photo by Edgar T. Scott, Amherst, Mass. "Mar. 9, 1909. Got your letter tonight. Have just returned from Mrs. Buckhout's. Had a great time. Ice cream, etc. And the rehearsal went fine. My children were O.K. today I guess I shall bring them around all right. I am going to make a big try, anyhow. Had a letter from A.W.P. today. Will try to write soon. Love to all. F.M.B. Freeman Wheeler broke his leg, coasting."