Lovell House

[Lovell House]


This building was located at 7 Silver Street. It was rented from Mrs. Lovell for student housing 1904-1919.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

front Untitled
back Divided back. Postmarked Feb 24, 1910 7am in South Hadley. "Feb 23, 1910. Dear Family, This is Lovell's house. My three windows show upstairs on the side. I am arrived safely and it's about time for the bells to bid me go to bed. Car was crowded up to Hartford, but Inez and I got within a mile of each other. In Holyoke waited half an hour for a trolley in a drug store. About a dozen college girls. Prom was dandy! Lots of love, Louise."

Lovell House
front Untitled real photo, but someone labelled it "Lovell House" in pencil in the top right corner. Looks like antique writing, but it doesn't look like the sender's writing, so perhaps it was the receiver.
back Divided back. Postmarked Nov 2, 1915 5:30pm in South Hadley. Obviously pasted in an album. Someone from modern times (the postcard dealer?) labelled it in pencil "Rovell [sic] House on Silver Street", obviously mistaking the fancy, antique "L" on the front side for an "R". Album pasting has obliterated part of the inscription: "Dear dad, Will send the other pictures as soon as I can. Got back my quizes [sic] from Friday Math = A-. Latin = D- ... over D+ so ..."

Lovell House
front Untitled real photo of Lovell House.
back Divided back, postmarked Jul 4, 1908 10am in South Hadley. Photo by Edgar T. Scott, Amherst, Mass. "Greetings to you in the glorious 4th! I am spending it in South Hadley, but next week Wednesday I leave for Ohio. Your very interesting long letter was so much enjoyed. Thank you for it. I intend to write you a letter after I get home. Very sincerely Bertha H. Gault Pardon the inappropriateness of this card which is simply what I happened to have."

Lovell House
front Untitled real photo of Lovell House. Windows on top floor to the right of the front door are highlighted by the sender with ink.
back Divided back, postmarked Feb 15, 1910 5pm in South Hadley. Photo by Edgar T. Scott, Amherst, Mass. "Feb 15, 1910 This is Mrs. Lovell's house, - Wilma was here the first year. I have marked her room. It is called "The Manse." Sincerely, H. H. M."

Cabinet Photo of "The Manse"
front A group of 15 women, four holding tennis rackets and one holding a stringed instrument, standing in front of a home. I thought this house may be Lovell House, but I wasn't sure, mostly because the chimney visible here does not exist on Lovell House today. But according to the South Hadley Historical Society's publication "Old Homes of South Hadley," the house had originally been at 11 Woodbridge Street and was moved in 1902, which involved the loss of the chimney and of the fireplaces.
back Inscription: ' "The Manse;" South Hadley Mass.' Dealer marked: "098269" Publisher marks: "Graphoscope Views. $3.00 per Dozen. 25 Cents Each. Connecticut Valley. Springfield. U. S. Armory. Water Shops. Court Square. Holyoke. Conn. River Dam. Canals and Mills. Public Squares and Buildings. Northampton. Smith College. Insane Retreat. Ox Bow. Mountains. Holyoke. Nonotuck. Tom. Sugar Loaf. Rocky Mountains, 1873. Views made to order $4.00 per dozen. $3.00 per half-dozen. Milan P. Warner, Holyoke, Mass. 38 Lincoln Street, M. G. [1884]"

Photo, September 7, 1998
I was curious as to how the Lovell House has changed over the years, so I took this photo on September 7, 1998. The biggest change: the shutters are gone!