Unidentified Locations in South Hadley

[Real Photo]


Some of these postcards were identified by another man who collects South Hadley postcards as views in South Hadley, but I haven't located them in the town yet myself. I have a few other views that someone thought were Mount Holyoke-related, but I haven't figured out.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

Real Photo
front Untitled real photo of a house in South Hadley
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. AZO. Inscribed: "So. Hadley, MA"

Real Photo
front Untitled real photo of a house in South Hadley near a body of water
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. VELOX. Inscribed: "So. Hadley, Mass."

front Untitled real photo of a graveyard.
back Divided back, unused. Inscribed: "Old Gravestones, South Hadley, Mass."

front Cyanotype of a kitchen. Inscribed: "A model kitchen! Come and eat some food cooked in it."
back Divided back, postmarked Jan 1914, 10am in South Hadley. "D. E. I have just made out my first 1914 shopping list on my new pad. It was just what I needed. A thousand thanks. Come soon for a week end and we will talk before the fire. As ever E. C. H." Addressed to Miss Edith A. Abbott.

Mt Holyoke School?
front Untitled real photo of students gathered in a field on what looks like a school campus. The scenery is not familiar to me. #3
back An older inscription: "The girls of all classes, Middlers performing. May 20, '12. BSNS." A newer inscription: "Mt. Holyoke School, Science Hall, Amherst Mass."

Mt Holyoke College?
front A real photo view through a window. I don't recognize the scene.
back Divided back, stamp box, inscribed but not mailed: "A view of the girls dorm from the library window. it's really lovely here. Love, Ginny" A dealer labelled this as "Mt Holyoke College" in pencil, but I remain unconvinced.

A South Hadley home?
front A real photo view of a home with a great little porch on the second floor. Inscription continues from the back.
back Divided back, postmarked Jun 28, 1909 5am in South Hadley. "Dear Miss Brooks:- I want to know where you are. If in West Springfield I'd like to call on you. How are you and what are your plans for the summer and the year ahead? Charlotte went to Northfield. It was a cool week which made it possible for her to see part of the doings. She did not see you there. I had a little visit with Sandy two weeks ago. It was a real pleasure. There is much I would like to say but must not stop now. Much love - L. A. Clark"

Bloody Brook Monument
front A view of the monument; I don't know where this monument is in the town.
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. "'Bloody Brook' Monument, South Hadley, Massachusetts On this ground in 1676 Captain Thomas Lathrop and 84 men under his command, including 18 teamsters from Deerfield, conveying stores from that town to Hadley, were ambuscaded by about 700 Indians, and the Captain and 76 men were slain." Color photo by George Jeans. #MA-1100 Published by Bromley and Company, Inc., Boston 16, Mass. Also #38261. No ZIP code means pre-1963 publication.

Mrs. Brunt's House
front A real photo view of a home.
back Divided back, stamp box, inscribed but not mailed: "Mrs. Emma Brunt's South Hadley, Mass. stopped here Sat. night, Aug. 30, 1913 on motor trip / Mt. Holyoke College girls' club rooms in two upper front rooms"

front Untitled real photo of a storefront. Inscription: "G. A. F." I'm wondering if this is the Felice shoe repair store. If it is, I don't know who G.A.F. would have been. The cobbler's name was Frank Henry Felice, and his brother's name was John Ralph Felice. I couldn't find a spouse for Frank. John's wife was Rachel, and their children were Pearl and Dana.
back Divided back, postmarked Sep 17, 1906 5pm in Springfield. Transit mark Sep 17, 1906 8pm in South Hadley.

White church
front A real photo view of a white church. Very similar to Skinner Museum, but it is not that building. "Do you remember this place? I have often thought about it and those dear old people. I wish I knew their names. M.H."
back Undivided back, postmarked Nov 13, 1905 10am in South Hadley. Transit mark Nov 15, 1905 3am in Hartford, Conn.

View from a Porch
front A real photo view of the view from someone's front porch. This might be the front left porch of the Alvord, also known as Woodbridge Hall later on. "South Hadley March 6, 1907 Dear Lizzie I wonder if you will recognize this picture. I have a small camera now and have taken quite a few pictures this winter. Hope you are well with love from Mrs Alvord"
back Undivided back, postmarked Mar 6, 1907 12noon in South Hadley.