Prospect Hall

[Prospect Hall]


Prospect Hall is a dormitory that was built in 1959. It was named for the hill at the foot of which it stands. I had no images of Prospect Hall in my collection, so I took the above photo from the bridge near the Mandelles, and this photo from its parking lot, on September 7, 1998. I have since found postcard images of Prospect.

Prospect Hall
front Untitled view of Prospect across Lower Lake.
back "Prospect Hall Mt. Holyoke College South Hadley, Mass." Color Photo by Bob Grenier. Published by Bromley and Company. #MA-1360 and also #54282. Divided back, postmarked with a Clark University 75th Anniversary postmark on Jun 20, 1962 in Worcester, MA. "I'm up here for my 55th college reunion. Our room overlooks this little pond, so that we go to sleep with a frog chorus and awake with the songs of birds. Harriet E. Roe (written at college) (I had my finger on the wrong name. Sorry!)" A reference to the addressing of the card, which had a large strike-out.
[In the book!]

Prospect Hall from across the lake
front Untitled
back Divided back, postmarked Apr 5, 1961 5pm in South Hadley. "Prospect Hall from across the lake Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts" Natural Color by Mike Roberts, Berkeley 2, Calif. #SC6289; photo by George Woodruff, Westwood. Distributed by Mount Holyoke College Bookstore. "Dear 'Aunt' Gladys. Thank you for my nice Birthday Card. How the years, and time, does go by! This is where I live and work. The X is my room. It is really beautiful overlooking the Lake. These cars just came out new. Hope this finds you well. Many Good Wishes. Helen Dutton." [I checked the 1972 directory, and the only Helen Dutton listed is this woman from the class of 1934. This is odd, because she writes as if she's a student living in this dorm. Perhaps there was a different Helen Dutton who was a student in 1961, but never graduated. But that is unlikely, since the 1972 directory lists former students like the 1937 directory does.]

Prospect Hall
front Untitled view of Prospect Hall in the autumn.
back Divided back, stamp box, unused. "Prospect Hall Pearsons Hall Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts" Natural Color by Robert Grenier. #MA1507 also #65898. Published by Bromley and Company, Inc., Boston 16, Mass. No ZIP code implies this postcard was created before 1963.