College Seal Cards

[College Seal]


The College seal features a drawing of some palm trees in a desert with a building visible in the desert. The name of the College and the years that the Seminary was started (1837) and the College was chartered (1888) are placed around the picture. There is also a reference to Psalms 144:12 in the College seal, which reads in part "... that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similtude of a palace".

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

College Seal
front "This is the college seal. I am very much in love with the place. The house is dandy, so is the lady, Dr. Hooker. so are the girls and so, in particular, is my roommate. What more can I ask? Have told mama all about it. Hope you are all well. I am. Love to all. Valesca."
back Undivided back, stamp box. Postmarked Sep 24, 1907 5pm in South Hadley. Published by The Chas. H. Elliott Co., Philadelphia.

College Seal
front "Greetings from Mount Holyoke College" Inscription: "May 30, 1906 Mother and I went to Mt. Holyoke College to pay Julia - a Holyoke Junior a two days visit. May 30. took journey up, visited Mt. Tom, where we lunched, went through Northampton seeing Smith. - Through Amherst. May 31. Saw "Comedy of Errors" on Prospect Park, by Ben Greet Club. Superfine! Memorial Day Eve "Art Exhibition["] at 12 Brigham. Dorothy R. Adams."
back Undivided back, stamp box. Postally unused, but addressed to herself.

College Seal
front "Mon. Oct. 28, 1907. Box 271. Dear Alma, This week has been the best one yet for me. The Seniors gave their reception to the Freshmen last Tuesday night in the gym and we had a perfectly glorious time altho it did seem strange at first to go to a dance where there were nothing but girls. on Wed. after noon I went for a five mile walk and I do wish you could have been with me to have seen the exquisite foliage. All the trees are such beautiful reds & goldens. From newspaper accounts I imagine David must have been having exciting times down at the stock exchange. From your loving friend, Irene. P.S. Write soon."
back Undivided back, stamp box, postmarked Oct 28, 1907 10am in South Hadley. Transit mark Oct 29, 1907 5:30pm in Passaic NJ. Published by the Chas. H. Elliott Co., Philadelphia.

Semi-Centennial Ribbon
front "Mount Holyoke Seminary Semi-Centennial 1837-1887" Gold on blue satin. Also displays the Seminary seal.

Semi-Centennial Ribbon
front Similar to the one above, but it still has a pin in it, and it is for a member of the class of 1866.

College Seal
front "Commencement 1905 / Dear Gladys, - Didn't you once ask for college seals? Maybe this will reach you before you start. It's raining here but pleasant neverthe less. Mrs. B & Mrs Mason are also here. I leave at 7.30. Will forward [...] book in the A.M. As ever, Paul"
back Undivided back, postmarked Jun 22, 1905 11:30am in Willimantic Conn.

College Seal
front "Mt. Holyoke College S. Hadley Mass. Dear Ed,- This postal is a little different from any in your collection, isn't it. I have been chasing around the campus at a great rate this afternoon for books & finally ended by spilling & smashing a bottle of ink on Mead steps - such a mess. I scrubbed away but couldn't seem to make any impression & the girls would come by & express their sympathy. Got some on my pigne skirt & another girl's. Love from sis"
back Undivided back, postmarked Sep 29, 1905 7am in South Hadley. Transit marks Sep 29, 1905 8:30am in Holyoke, and Sep 29, 1905 1pm in Hartford Conn.

College Seal
front "May 6, 1910 Dear Dad was glad to get your letter. It was a surprise to hear from you in the middle of the week, when you are so busy too. I am having a busy week here. I wrote you that Mon. the sens. jumped rope, then Tues. was Jr. show, Wed. we had our long referred frolic, yesterday M. and I went room hunting. We choose to night. Will be glad when it is over. Mon. we choose dorm. for next year. Seems as if all spring term amounted to was getting ready for next year. Only six more weeks! Will you have to stay in the city nights after we get to the cottage? Hope things are straightening out now and that you feel more at home. You can sympathize with us when we come back after vacations. Lovingly Marjorie."
back Undivided back, postmarked May 6, 1910 10am in South Hadley. Published by C. A. Gridley & Son, South Hadley, Mass.

College Seal
front "Oct. 18, 1905 My dear Harry, Received a letter from you yesterday and another this morning. All O.K. Am on the car on my way to Lithia Springs on a Botany expedition. This is "Shattuck Field Day: for the Botany department when we all go off for an all day's trip. Yesterday I climbed to the top of Sugarloaf. It was an ideal Mountain Day and we had a fine time[.] The colorings on the slopes of Mt Toby were especially beautiful. Please excuse the pencil & poor writing. I bought the pencil and card on the way hoping to find a chance to mail it. Yours Beatrice"
back Undivided back, postmarked Oct 18, 1905 5pm in South Hadley. Transit marks Oct 19, 1905 7am in Orange, Mass. and Oct 19, 1905 am in North New Salem, Mass.