The Winchester House

[Winchester House]


This building is located at 69 College Street, and was used for student housing from at least 1904-1920. It was acquired by the College in 1928 and named the Edwards House for Anna C. Edwards, class of 1859. It was the German language house from 1937 to 1940, and the Spanish language house from 1945 to 1946. It is currently faculty housing.

The Images

All cards are available with both front and back scans, and comments about what is written on the front or back, either by the user or by the publisher, are included below.

front Untitled
back Divided back. Photo by Edgar T. Scott, Amherst, Mass. Postmarked Sep 30, 1908, 12 midnight in South Hadley. "Dear Aunt Nell, This is Mrs. Winchester's house where we are at present. Our room is directly in back of the two windows on the right, but you can't see it as it is in back and the windows face the other way - With love Dorothy"
[In the book!]

Greetings from South Hadley, Mass.
front "Greetings from South Hadley, Mass." Two scenes: Mrs. Winchester's and Soldier's Monument.
back Divided back, postmarked the 28th of an unidentified month, 1913 12:30pm in South Hadley. Published by C. A. Gridley & Son. #1029. Printed in Germany. "Dear Mama - Just rec'd your letter. I planned to write last night but am very busy this week as always. I had a letter from Leon last night also one from Lucy Doe. She didn't say anything about my coming out there. Wish I could go there Thanksgiving. She sent her love to you. I have just been to German, I hate the stuff. It is my hardest course. The cross indicates our room. Much love, Miriam."

Photo, September 7, 1998
I was curious as to how the Winchester House has changed over the years, so I took this photo on September 7, 1998. No big changes! Still a lovely old house.

front Untitled
back Divided back. Photo by Edgar T. Scott, Amherst, Mass. Postmarked Mar 1, 1909, 10am in South Hadley. "This is Mrs. Winchester's - the freshman home where I board. I went to East Orange Fri. eve. the 19th & returned the next Tues. A.M. - had a splendid time with Clifton & Agnes. Saw the sights in New York & the places about E. Orange. Write soon. Sarah Feb. 28, '09."