Pangaea: Altered Books
I work in a scientific research facility, and the library discards books regularly that aren't in demand or that are out of date. I can't stand to see the waste, so I started taking some home for experimental artwork. I loved the graphics in many of them, and pondered how I could alter the books so that the graphics would show. I became a book sculptor! All these books are sold. I am happy to work on specific titles or specific themes to create a custom book for you. Prices start at $50 and depend on the complexity of the work desired.
In this example, I carved out all the pages in a small area of the book, and pasted back parts of the pages in the empty space.
This book was created entirely by cutting away upper pages so that graphics in hidden pages are exposed. No pasting was done in this book, so it can be (carefully) opened and browsed.
This book was done mostly by cutting, but the opening in the cover was wider than the text block, which left white margins visible on the left and right. I did a little pasting on lower pages to eliminate the plain margins.
This book had no illustrations, so I experimented with cutting a simple design into the text block. Solve for X!

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