Pangaea: Origami Boxes
These are examples of origami boxes I have made. All of the boxes pictured here have been sold. I make boxes to order, from heavyweight mail order catalog pages so that they are sturdy enough to hold small items. Please indicate box style desired, and any preferences you might have for color or images in the catalog pages, and I will do my best to find a catalog page that fits your preferences. Boxes are $5-10 each, depending on style, plus shipping.
An octagonal box, a triangular box, and a four-sided box. The top two boxes were made from a greeting card catalog, and the bottom box was made with a holiday catalog.
The three boxes in the previous photo, with their lids askew so that you could see the insides. The interior of an origami box is pretty, too!
Most of the boxes are made from patterns in this book by Tomoko Fuse. (I use patterns from four different books.) The boxes in this photo were made from pages of a stamp auction catalog.
Peeking inside the octagonal box from the previous photo.
More boxes from the stamp auction catalog. The vintage images of the stamps and postal stationery in the photos gave these boxes an antique charm that was very popular with my customers.
Peeking inside one of the stamp auction boxes. The bold black lines are quite eye-catching.

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