Pangaea: Papermaking Classes
I live in the Boston (Massachusetts) area, and I am available to teach through adult education programs, craft stores, and by special arrangement. I need a water source, and electrical source, and a big table. I can teach outdoors if the weather is fair and there is no wind. I ask my students to bring a towel with them; I supply everything else. If students want to bring a blender so that they don't have to wait in line to use mine, that is encouraged, but if a student doesn't own a blender or doesn't want to use their own blender for papermaking, I certainly don't require them to bring one to my class. I charge about $25 per person, which includes a paper mould for each student to keep after the class. Classes are limited to six students.

If you'd like me to do a class in your area, please send me email and I'd be glad to discuss the details with you. I am willing to travel to teach!


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