Pangaea: New Bowl Shapes
These are examples of new bowls I have made in 2009. All of the bowls pictured here have been sold. I make bowls to order, from all sorts of trash paper and additives. Please indicate bowl style desired, and any preferences you might have for colors or additives, and I will do my best to make something that fits your preferences. Bowls are $20-50 each, depending on style, plus shipping.
This bowl is about 9" from brim to brim, and about 4" deep. Plain colors work best on bowls with heavy texture, like this one. This bowl is dramatic and unforgettable!
This is another large bowl, about 8" from brim to brim, and about 5" tall. The heavy swirl creates deep ridges on the inside of the bowl.
This bowl was made on the same mold as above, with different pulp. The swirled pattern is visible on the outside, too.
This bowl is about 3" across and about 2" deep. I love the swirled pattern.
This bowl was made on a larger twin of the previous bowl. It is about 8" across, and 5" deep.

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