Pangaea: Jewelry from Handmade and Vintage Paper
These are good examples of the elements I use most frequently in my pendants. All of the jewelry pictured here has been sold. Pendants are $30 plus shipping.

These pendants were made with vintage paper of various kinds: sheet music, typed paper, and handwritten paper. The metal pieces are watch gears and other watch parts. The paper is carefully cut to fit the jewelry cup, and sealed in two-part epoxy to create a durable, transparent finish. I use both gold, silver and copper for the jewelry, and in addition to the round design here, I also made pendants in squares, ovals and rectangle shapes (the vertical axis is the long axis). Pendants are sold with 16" or 18" rubber cords with sterling clasps; the cords are either black or gunmetal. The gunmetal looks best with silver pendants, and black with copper or gold.

These pendants were made with vintage postcard images and vintage greeting cards. The one in the top right corner was a vintage drawing. I've also made pendants with antique photos, newspaper, and will try some experiments soon with fabric!

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