Photo Stamps

[Real Photo Stamps]


Real photo stamps showed scenes that looked very much like postcards.

The Images

Only the fronts, and the fronts of the envelopes in which the stamps were sold, are scanned.

Real Photo Stamps
front The envelope in which the stamps were sold; there were 12 stamps, and they sold for ten cents.
back Sheet of 10 stamps, all views of Mount Holyoke: Playshop Laboratory, Skinner Hall, Student-Alumnae Hall, Dwight Art Building, Abbey Memorial Chapel, Williston Memorial Library, Rockefeller Hall, Cornelia Clapp Laboratory, Mary Lyon, and Mount Holyoke Seminary Hall. Dates between 1938 and 1945.

Real Photo Stamps
front 16 real photo stamps. Twelve are scenes from Holyoke, Mass. Four are views from Mount Holyoke, taken from the linen series of postcards, but the lettering underneath the images is different. South Hadley scenes are: Student Alumnae Building, Physics Building, Rockefeller Hall, and Mary Lyon Hall. Dates between 1935 and 1945.