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I'm really bad about updating this page, because I sell things so fast, and to repeat customers. If you are looking for a particular item and you don't see it here, please don't assume I don't have one! I may very well have one, and just haven't put it up here yet. Please email me with your want list!

1. An Altered Book Artist's Project - I have a blank Mount Holyoke scrapbook from approximately 1915, plus a lot of programs and Mount Holyoke ephemera from that era. Take the whole bunch of it, and turn it into an altered book! I've held onto this far too long thinking I was going to do that myself, but I think I should just let it go. $50.

2. Llamarada (1905) - a wonderful old yearbook with plenty of photographs. A terrific present for someone in the class of 2005. $20

3. Life of Mary Lyon (1910) - a biography written by a Mount Holyoke alum. $20

4. A Mount Holyoke Book of Prose and Verse (1912) - an anthology from the campus literary magazine from 1891 to 1912. Hard to find, and some terrific writing. $20

5. Llamarada (1914) - spine is damaged, but all pages are present. $20

6. Llamarada (1917) - average condition. $20

7. Mount Holyoke College Songs (1918) - music and words to songs written by Mount Holyoke students. $20

8. Mount Holyoke College and Leadership (1920) - a large format soft-covered book about the College. $10.

9. Llamarada (1920) - average condition. $20

10. Mount Holyoke College Songs (1928) - music and words to songs written by Mount Holyoke students. $20

11. Mount Holyoke College Verse (1928) - student writing from the previous ten years. $20

12. Laboratory Theatre (1928) - a large format soft-covered book about the the Laboratory Theatre founded by Jeannette Marks. $10.

13. Llamarada (1931) - average condition. $20

14. Mount Holyoke College Hundred Year Poems (1937) - 10 page pamphlet with three poems by Roberta Teale Swartz class of 1925. $10.

15. Mount Holyoke College viewbook (circa 1941-44) - a folder containing eight pages double sided of printed photographs. $10

16. Mount Holyoke - Everybody's College (1948) - a hardcover viewbook of campus and interior photographs. $10.

17. Alumnae Association: The First Hundred Years (1972) - a tough book to find, but fascinating for the alumnae interested in history. $20

18. Minerva J. Chapman (1986) - a viewbook of this 1880 alumna's paintings and drawings, published to coincide with an exhibit at MHC. $10.

19. A Memory Book Mount Holyoke College (1987) - a fantastic book with 150 years of historical photos and information about the college. $20.

20. A Vision Realized (1997) - a photo book by William Mercer, with quotes by Mary Lyon. $20.

21. Mount Holyoke College (2001) - a signed copy of my book. $25.

22. Mount Holyoke College viewbook (2004) - full color, mint condition. $10

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[PIC] I had the postcard to the left made up to promote my website of my own collection of MHC postcards and ephemera, and the postcard to the right made up to promote this sales site; they are $1 each, or one free with any order! Click on the webcards for larger views. If you are interested in webcards for your own site, or to see samples from the company I used to make these cards, go to the bottom of this page.[PIC]

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