Pangaea: Papercast Bowls
These are good examples of the elements I use most frequently in my bowls. Click on the photos to see them larger. All of the bowls pictured here have been sold. Small bowls are $20, medium bowls are $30, and large bowls are $50 plus shipping.

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  This bowl was decorated with purple angel wings, an orchid-like dried flower. The flowers are naturally white; these flowers were dyed purple. The flowers were used whole.
  These bowls were made with angel wings that were shredded. They make a wonderful fiber effect when they are shredded.
  Bowls can be made in two colors: one on the inside, and one on the outside. This one had a skeleton leaf hidden in the bottom, but the bowl can be made with a plain interior if you wish.
  This bowl used skeleton leaves on both the inside and the outside. The leaves used here were not dyed, but I do have them dyed in a variety of colors, including metallics.
  Bowls can be sealed with a matte finish, or with a sparkle finish.
  I can leave some of the paper not as blended as the rest, to give a two-toned effect. You can usually see some of the lettering from the original printing on the paper that has not been blended as much. A dragonfly paper punch can add fluttering interest to the surface of your bowl. (Other paper punches are available.)
  Combine several of these ideas into one bowl ... or select one color for a more subtle effect. Your choice!

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