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Books by Mount Holyoke
Alumnae and Professors: IJ

The Career Guide to Consulting
Hannah Im '94, Maggie Geiger and Nici Audhlam Gardiner 2000.
Consulting offers lucrative salary packages and the chance to rub shoulders with top management while working on some of the most interesting issues these managers face. In this guide, consulting insiders bring readers the scoop on more than forty leading consulting firms and provide honest information on pay, corporate culture, travel and other vital information prospective consultants need.
Hannah Im serves as's consulting industry expert, and is a disaster-recovery specialist for Goldman Sachs in Tokyo.

O Sane and Sacred Death: First Person Accounts of Death as Received in Hypnotic Regressions
By Louise Ireland-Frey MA'36
Blue Dolphin Publishing. 2002.
O Sane and Sacred Death was written to help people understand how dying feels and what happens afterward. It aims to relieve the fears of those facing the transition and lessen the grief for survivors. The book offers case histories of near-death experiences, as well as explorations of deaths remembered during hypnosis. Throughout the book, Ireland-Frey shares her personal experiences related to the subject of death, as well as her broad professional experiences as a medical doctor and a hypnotherapist.
Louise Ireland-Frey, M.D., is retired and lives in Durango, Colorado. She states unequivocally, "Consciousness does continue after the body dies."

This Too Is Diplomacy: Stories of a Partnership
By Dorothy J. Irving '43
AuthorHouse. 2007.
An occupied city, an active volcano, and a presidential visit were all part of Dorothy Irving's experience as a Foreign Service spouse, which she faithfully examines in this book. Irving paints a broad canvas of raising three children in numerous countries; coping with unfamiliar customs and languages; and how to accept humbly the special treatment often accorded diplomats.
Dorothy Petrie Irving has long been involved in interracial and intercultural activities and has received several awards in this field, including an MHC Sesquicentennial Award.

Also available by Louise Ireland-Frey:
Freeing the Captives: The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment

Beyond the Blossoming Fields
By Jun'ichi Watanabe; translated by Anna Husson Isozaki '90 and Deborah Iwabuchi
Alma Books. 2009.
Beyond the Blossoming Fields is the story of Japan's first female physician and the obstacles she faced in becoming a doctor. A bestseller in Japan, the book chronicles Ginko Ogino's quest to cure the gonorrhea she contracted from her husband, subsequent divorce and ostracism from her family, and her personal victory over nineteenth-century male domination.
The last translation by Anna Husson Isozaki was Crossfire, by Miyuki Miyabe. She teaches translation and communication at a women's college in central Japan.

By Miyuki Miyabe, translated by Deborah Sturhl Iwabuchi and Anna Husson Isozaki '90
Kodansha America. 2006.
Junko Aoki, a 'Tokyoite' in her mid-twenties, has the extraordinary ability to start fires using just willpower. Furthermore, she believes it is her duty to use these powers to punish violent criminals who have evaded justice. A chance encounter one night sends Junko on a mission to rescue a young woman abducted by a vicious gang of youths. The trail of bodies she leaves across Tokyo attracts the attention of two very different groups: a secretive vigilante group, which tries to recruit her, and the arson squad of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Crossfire takes us on a hair-raising journey through the landscape of Tokyo - a journey that challenges us, along with two women whose paths gradually come together, to consider what's right and what's wrong in the name of justice.
Anna Husson Isozaki relocated to Japan in 1992. She later earned an MA in advanced Japanese studies through England's University of Sheffield, and currently divides her time between editing and translation, teaching, and family.

Storied Lives: Japanese American Students and World War II
By Gary Y. Okihiro, with an afterward by Leslie A. Ito '96
University of Washington Press. 1999.
During World War II, over 5,500 young Japanese Americans left the concentration camps to which they had been confined to attend college. Storied Lives describes - often in their own words - how nisei students found schools to attend, and the efforts of white Americans to help them. Hattie Kawahara Colton '43 is quoted at length. The afterword by Leslie Ito makes the story contemporary, telling how the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund made awards in memory of the support received during the war.
Leslie Ito is a program assistant for the Education, Media, Arts and Culture Program at The Ford Foundation.

The Business of Child Care: Management and Financial Strategies
By Gail Jack '66
Thomson Delmar Learning. 2004.
This guide focuses on the business skills most needed by owners and administrators of child-care facilities. Aimed at helping these folks manage their human and financial resources, the book details the most successful approaches to managing enrollment, staff recruitment and retention, budgets, financial record keeping, and more. Written by a veteran child-care administrator who holds an MBA and has over twelve years of experience as an early childhood administrator, the material is presented in a straightforward manner with charts and illustrations throughout. The accompanying CD-ROM with financial spreadsheets makes it easy to establish a successful business administration system for a child-care center.
Gail Hannsgen Jack is the owner of Good Sense Consulting and holds an MBA from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

The Secret Thief
By Judith Jaeger '95
Behler Publications. 2006.
Connie Gray is a champion distance runner with a chronic stomach ulcer, a wry sense of humor, and kleptomania. She is spending the summer with her grandmother in the fictional town of Green Hill, New Hampshire, helping to pack the family homestead for a move. Connie is certain about two things: her grandmother is her enemy, and her mother is her ally. But a family secret revealed through the objects Connie finds in her grandmother's attic proves that things aren't what they seem. As Connie uncovers horrifying secrets about her relationship with her mother, she comes to a chilling understanding of what's at stake if she can't face the truth.
Judith Jaeger wrote The Secret Thief as her MFA thesis at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt. She has also worked as the writer and editor at the Public Affairs Office at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Shakespeare’s Genealogies: Plots and Illustrated Family Trees for All 42 Works
By Vanessa James
Melcher Media. 2007.
In Shakespeare's Genealogies, Vanessa James uses a unique, fully illustrated, seventeen-foot-long, double-sided format to trace the genealogies of the more than 1,000 characters mentioned in all forty-two of William Shakespeare's plays and dramatic poems. Beginning with Shakespeare's own family tree and proceeding into plot outlines and charts organized by category of play, the book's thorough and inventive scholarship makes it a must-have for any serious student of Shakespeare.
Vanessa James is a professor of theatre and chair of the Department of Theatre Arts at Mount Holyoke. She has designed many off-Broadway shows and her work is documented in the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute.

The Genealogy of Greek Mythology
By Vanessa James
Gotham Books. 2003.
The Genealogy of Greek Mythology is an elaborately detailed and painstakingly assembled family tree of the Greek gods and their mortal descendants. The accordion-style book is printed on both sides with interconnected family trees, short biographies of the most prominent figures, summaries of major events, detailed maps of ancient Mediterranean borders, and a mythological star chart. Illustrated with color photographs of Greek and Roman sculptures, paintings, mosaics, and pottery, the book stretches to a staggering seventeen feet when completely unfurled.
Vanessa James is an associate professor of theatre and chair of the theatre department at Mount Holyoke.

The Language of Work: Technical Communication at Lukens Steel, 1810 To 1925
By Carol Siri Johnson '80
Baywood. 2008.
Johnson traces the evolution of communication at an extraordinary American business spanning two centuries. As industry steel and iron standards and processes were formalized and became more complex, writing and literacy, and what came to be known as technical writing, emerged as an essential part of the industrial process and drove changing relationships among workers, managers, and customers.
Carol Siri Johnson is an assistant professor in the humanities department at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Leading to Change: The Challenge of the New Superintendency
By Susan Moore Johnson '67
Jossey-Bass. 1996.
Based on case studies of twelve newly appointed superintendents from a diverse group of school districts, this book illustrates how superintendents, principals, school board members, teachers and other administrators can better understand their own situations and devise approaches to change that are both constructive and collaborative.
Susan Moore Johnson, a former high-school teacher and administrator, is academic dean and professor of education in administration, planning and social policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Also available by Susan Moore Johnson:
Teachers at Work: Achieving Excellence in Our Schools

Available by Ellen Turlington Johnston-Hale '51:
Miracle at Woolworth's

Next Time She'll Be Dead: Battering and How to Stop It
By Ann Jones
Beacon Press. 1994.
The author of the international best seller Women Who Kill discusses how and why the law and society have failed to protect women from their violent husbands and boyfriends. Jones offers guidelines for change, so that women can be assured the absolute right to be free from bodily harm.
Ann Jones, a journalist, activist, and critic, is lecturer in English at Mount Holyoke.

She's Leaving Home: Letting Go As Daughter Goes To College
By Constance McCulloch Jones '68
Andrews McMeel Publishing. 2002.
Each year more than a million American families see their children off to college. During this transitional time, parents' emotions include everything from anxiety to hope, guilt to pride, fear to relief. In She's Leaving Home: Letting Go As My Daughter Goes to College, Jones' journal-like entries chronicle the spiritual journey and growth of the two years during which her daughter applied to and began college. The result is the story of a mother's love and how to let go of a daughter as she becomes an adult.
Connie Jones has a doctorate in history from Duke University. She teaches U.S. history at Tidewater Community College and is a seminarian and postulant for the Episcopal priesthood. She and husband Bill live in Norfolk, Virginia.

Teaching About Scientific Origins: Taking Account of Creationism
Edited by Leslie S. Jones '77 and Michael J. Reiss
Peter Lang Publishing. 2007.
The evolution/creationism controversy has crippled biological education. Many students finish school without a basic understanding of a theory that is a fundamental component of scientific literacy. This book takes an educational point of view that respects both the teaching of evolution and religious beliefs and offers a collection of perspectives that begin to dismantle the notion that religion and science are incompatible.
Leslie Jones is a science educator in the biology department at Valdosta State University in Georgia.

Socialism in Georgian Colors: The European Road to Social Democracy, 1883-1917
By Stephen F. Jones
Harvard University Press. 2005.
In the first of two volumes, Stephen Jones writes the first history in English of the social democratic movement in the Russian Empire, which represented one of the earliest examples of European social democracy at the turn of the twentieth century. Georgian social democracy was part of Russian social democracy, from which Bolshevism and Menshevism emerged, and it set a precedent for many anticolonial nationalist movements of the twentieth century.
Stephen F. Jones is a professor of Russian and Eurasian studies at Mount Holyoke.

Defending Rights in Russia: Lawyers, the State, and Legal Reforms in the Post-Soviet Era
By Pamela Jordan '87
University of British Columbia. 2005.
Lawyers often play pivotal roles in building democracies. Pamela Jordan's study of the Russian bar (advokatura) provides a richly textured portrait of how, after the USSR's collapse, practicing lawyers called advocates began to assume new, self-defined roles as contributors to legal reform and defenders of rights in Russia. Jordan argues that the post-Soviet advokatura gained more autonomy from the state as it struggled to redefine itself as a profession. She suggests that the advocates' work is supporting the growth of civil society and strengthening human rights but that the gains could be reversed if the Putin regime continues to flout due process rights.
Pamela Jordan is an assistant professor of history at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Universal Design for the Home: Great-Looking, Great-Living Design for All Ages, Abilities, and Circumstances
By Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Quarry Books. 2008.
Universal design emerged some years ago as a template for home safety for elderly, handicapped, and very young people. Those early designs often seemed institutional, and Jordan's book shows how this design niche has entered the mainstream. Highly visual, the book features fresh ideas, good-sense solutions, and how-to tips.
Wendy Adler Jordan is the author of ten books, senior contributing editor of Professional Remodeler magazine and a contributor to

Making Room: Finding Extra Space in Unexpected Places
By Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Taunton Press. 2007.
All homeowners need more space. Making Room helps solve those spatial problems without the extreme added cost and hassle of extensive rebuilding. Drawers incorporated into a staircase, a bathroom closet converted into a shower, and a computer niche tucked into a hallway are just a few of the 100 suggestions offered by this useful architectural handyman-in-print.
Wendy A. Jordan is the senior contributing editor of Professional Remodeler magazine and former editor-in-chief of Remodeling magazine. She also wrote The Kidspace Idea Book and coauthored Great Kitchens and House Transformed.

New Kidspace Idea Book
By Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Taunton Press. 2005.
The sequel to Jordan's The Kidspace Idea Book presents fresh ideas for designing children's territories at home - bedrooms, playrooms, homework zones, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. The richly illustrated book features a wide variety of fun, safe, well-organized spaces that kids of different ages will enjoy; parents will appreciate the practical solutions to storage issues and the suggestions for adapting spaces to children's changing needs.
Wendy Jordan is the author of numerous books, most of them about remodeling.

House Transformed: Getting the Home You Want...with the House You Have
By Matthew Schoenherr with Linda Hunter and Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Taunton Press. 2005.
Remodeling can enliven every part of a home, fixing flaws, enhancing livability and curb appeal, and making the best use of the site. In some cases, an addition is needed, while in others merely changing the floor plan permits a rediscovery of space. The twenty projects in House Transformed offer clever, workable ideas and approaches, such as how to connect new and old parts of a house or gain needed space through ingenious storage arrangements.
Wendy Jordan is the author of numerous books, most of them about remodeling.

The Kidspace Idea Book
By Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Taunton Press. 2001.
Kids' rooms used to be little more than four uninspired walls and boring furniture. Today, kids have lofts, playhouses, secret hideaways, high-tech homework centers, and colorful bathrooms. In this book you'll find spaces made just for kids, along with family rooms and outdoor spaces too, complete with layouts, lighting options, floor plans, and a resource guide.
Award-winning writer and editory Wendy Jordan is a senior contributing editor at Professional Remodeler magazine. She lives in Washington DC.

Great Kitchens: Design Ideas from America's Top Chefs
By Ellen Whitaker, Colleen Mahoney and Wendy Adler Jordan '68
Taunton Press. 1999.
Who knows better what's needed in a great kitchen than someone who cooks for a living? Twenty-six of America's top chefs open their home kitchens, providing an expert look at the best in kitchen design. Each chapter features a different chef's kitchen design concept; philosophy on food, design, and kitchen layout; and his or her food-related background and interests.
Wendy Jordan writes for and edits magazines on a variety of subjects, but specializes in the area of home remodeling.

The Winterthur Guide to Color in Your Garden
Text and photos by Ruth Nolin Joyce '49
Winterthur/University Press of New England. 2004.
Heavenly color combinations are the hallmark of the world-renowned Winterthur garden in Delaware. This guide illustrates and describes the delightful scenes that make up the landscape of Winterthur, an American country estate. The book also gives specific cultural information, with photographs, of the genera, species, and cultivars involved and suggestions for their use in the home garden. Plants are grouped in the book as they are at Winterthur, the result of seventy years of work by Henry Francis du Pont, one of America's most artistically gifted horticulturalists. This book unlocks a treasure house of accumulated wisdom for the home gardener.
Ruth Joyce has been associated with the Winterthur garden for more than twenty years, and is a lifelong gardener and student of horticulture.

Encyclopedia of Rainforests
By Diane Jukofsky '75
Oryx Press. 2001.
This comprehensive reference work examines the flora, fauna, and indigenous peoples of the world's tropical rainforests, and describes the environmental challenges facing this fragile ecosystem. After an introduction to the structure and importance of the rainforests, Jukofsky then describes more than 1,000 species and profiles fifty-four people who have studied and worked to protect the rainforests. The book also lists print and video resources and national and international conservation agencies.
Diane Jukofsky lives in Costa Rica, where she directs the Rainforest Alliance's Neotropics Communications Program.

Guide to Hiking China's Old Road to Shu
By Hope Justman '64
iUniverse. 2007.
This self-published guidebook describes nineteen hikes along remote and mountainous stretches of one of China's most famous imperial roads. Included is information on food, lodging, transportation, and local guides, as well as thirteen pages of English-Chinese phrases and menu selections.
Hope Justman has spent nearly three years of the last thirteen hiking China's famous old roads. She is currently at work on a guidebook to the southwestern Silk Road.

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