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Books by Mount Holyoke
Alumnae and Professors: N

Marie-Therese, Child of Terror: The Fate of Marie Antoinette's Daughter
By Susan Nagel '76
Bloomsbury USA. 2008.
Marie-Therese had large heels to fill as the daughter of one of the most well-known members of French royalty. Nagel tells the story of Marie Antoinette's only surviving child, from her childhood years in a revolutionary prison to the throne of Restoration France, where she reigned for just twenty minutes.
Susan Nagel is also the author of Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin.

Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin
By Susan Horowitz Nagel '76
Harper Collins. 2004.
The story of one of the most influential women of the Romantic era, this biography of Mary Nisbet details such accomplishments as helping to bring the smallpox vaccine to the Middle East, financing the removal and safe passage to England of the classical marbles from the Parthenon, and striking a political deal with Napoleon. These achievements were overshadowed, however, by Mary's affair with her husband's best friend. Nagel's work is a lively and informative portrait of a woman who both defined and shaped an era.
Susan Nagel, a humanities professor at Marymount Manhattan College, is the author of a critically acclaimed book on the novels of Jean Giraudaux. She has also written for stage and screen, scholarly journals, the Gannett newspaper chain, and Town & Country.

Creative Discipline: Mastering the Art and Science of Innovation
By Nancy K. Napier '74 and Mikael Nisson
Praeger Publishers. 2008.
Combining research on creative organizations in several sectors, this book argues that innovative organizations known for doing things differently approach creativity and innovation in similar, disciplined ways, regardless of industry or field. The authors also point to the importance of teams, office space, and the business culture in supporting creative endeavors.
Nancy K. Napier is professor of international business and executive director of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation at Boise State University.

Managing Relationships in Transition Economies
By Nancy K. Napier '74 and David C. Thomas
Praeger Publishers. 2004.
The transition from socialist or communist economy to market economy in many countries has been dramatic, unpredictable. But deeper change in the managerial mindset in these new market economies has been much slower and less evident. It is crucial to business success for foreign managers to understand their transition economy counterparts. This book examines the interactions that these managers have in building business relationships, the influences behind those interactions, how the interactions change, and how to manage the process of building relationships more smoothly.
Nancy K. Napier is professor of international business and executive director of the Global Business Consortium at Boise State University. She has published widely and is currently working on research in creative industries and the creative process in organizations.

Mass Transit
By Maniza Naqvi '83
Oxford University Press. 1998.
The main protogonist of this novel is the city of Karachi which with all its complexities, in a microcosm, represents all of Pakistan and the sub-continent. The novel speaks to the growing anger and frustration of inequities caused by military regimes in Pakistan and the impact of the war against the Soviet Union and the Cold War, including the distortions of religion, the gender biases, the rise of the mullah, the disconnect between the home grown and the western educated, and the urban discontent and conflict. The prologue is a warning of what is to come and the ending is a hint of all out conflict.
Maniza Naqvi is the author of two novels.

On Air
By Maniza Naqvi '83
Oxford University Press. 2000.
On Air speaks to a deeper crisis within, the self and within the state of Pakistan. Naz the main protagonist tells stories about how she died, one late night on a talk show in which she is sitting in for the regular host. Her stories range in the form that death can take, emotional and physical, individual and that of society as a whole through colonization or martial law. She interacts with her callers some who are angry with her and some who are positive. One caller in particular engages her attention through out the night. She finds out towards the end that he is in fact a Talib, a fundamentalist. One of the stories that Naz the main protagonist for On Air tells is about a military dictator who comes back in to power in Pakistan after a coup and then eradicates all progressive and democratic dissent against him under the guise of exterminating fundamentalists. And he is able to do so because he has the support of the west which can only equate beards and hijabs with Islamic fundamentalism.
Maniza Naqvi is the author of two novels.

Monsoon Diary: A Memoir With Recipes
By Shoba Narayan (Shoba Narayanaswamy CG '87)
Villard Books. 2003.
In this creative and intimate work, Narayan's considerable vegetarian cooking talents are matched by stories as varied as Indian spices - by turns pungent, mellow, piquant, and sweet. Her stories recollect her childhood in South India, her student days at Mount Holyoke, her arranged marriage, and visits from her parents and in-laws to her home in New York City. Narayan illuminates Indian customs while commenting on American culture from the vantage point of a sympathetic outsider.
Shoba Narayan lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her publication credits include Travel & Leisure, Gourmet, Newsweek, and the New York Times. Narayan is a regular guest on NPR's All Things Considered: Weekend.

The Effective Principal: Instructional Leadership for High-Quality Learning
By Barbara Scott Nelson '64 and Annette Sassi
Teachers College Press. 2005.
The stereotypical school principal figure exists everywhere from elementary school memories to popular fictional characters. But the individual is often forgotten in the formulaic mold. The Effective Principal analyses effective leadership, defining the principal figure and other school administrators through their ideas about learning, teaching, and subject matter. The book illustrates the dichotomy between the principal's roles as instructional leader and administrator.
Barbara Nelson received an Ed.D. in educational policy studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She coauthored Lenses on Learning, a series of instructional materials for school administrators, and coedited Mathematics Teachers in Transition and Beyond Classical Pedagogy.

Birds in the Bushes: A Story about Margaret Morse Nice (MHC 1905)
By Julie Dunlap; illustrations by Ralph L. Ramstad
Carolrhoda Books. 1996.
Defying the notion that girls were not supposed to want a career outside the home, Margaret Norse Nice made groundbreaking discoveries about birds and proved to everyone that a wife and mother can be a world-famous biologist.
Julie Dunlap is an avid bird-watcher and mother of three children, as well as the author of books about Frederick Law Olmsted and Ansel Adams. Ralph Ramstad has returned to book illustration after forty-two years creating art for product packaging, print advertisements and billboards.

Running Away from Home and Other Poems
By Jeanne Moffatt Nichols '47
Xlibris. 2003.
Divided into four large sections, Running Away From Home features poems about journeys, both literal and metaphoric. Nichols's words move from Los Angeles to the Caribbean islands to Turkey. In some poems, she stays close to home, for example, in the vividly descriptive "The Amorphophallus Titanum Blooms at the Huntington [Library]"(she is a volunteer at the library). Nichols's words evoke crisp images of day-to-day life, whether in her own kitchen or at the site of ancient ruins halfway around the world.
Jeanne Nichols, a former English professor, lives in Los Angeles. She has published two other books of poetry, including Leaning Over the Edge.

Leaning over the Edge: Poems
By Jeanne Moffatt Nichols '47
Fithian Press. 1993.
This collection of poems includes views of the geographies of both the earth and the spirit, including sites as diverse as Atlantis and Auschwitz, Helen's Troy and war-torn Jerusalem, birth and death, love and fear, and describes the people, events, music, art, and landscapes they contain.
Jeanne M. Nichols, a former professor of English, has published poems in various anthologies. She lives in Los Angeles.

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