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Books by Mount Holyoke
Alumnae and Professors: UV

Reflections on the Connolly Book of Hours
By Timothy M. Sullivan and Rebecca Loose Valette '59
The University Press of Boston College. 1999.
Thirty-two color plates of miniatures from this delicately painted medieval prayer book, accompanied by reflections of Boston College community members on the personal meaning of these illuminations. The authors relate the fascinating story of how and in what historical context illuminated manuscripts, like the Connolly Hours, were made and used, and consider some of the lesser known Latin prayers used in the manuscript.
For Rebecca Valette, professor of Romance languages at Boston College, this is her first joint publication with an undergraduate coauthor. Timothy Sullivan will be a senior at Boston College, where he is president of the French honor society Pi Delta Phi.

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Radical Sisters: Second-Wave Feminism and Black Liberation in Washington, D. C.
By Anne M. Valk '86
University of Illinois Press. 2008.
Radical Sisters uncovers the often fruitful but divisive connections between the 1960s movements for urban change, welfare rights, reproductive control, and black liberation, while detailing their impact on the ideals of modern feminism.
Anne M. Valk is associate director of programs for the John Nicholas Brown Center at Brown University.

Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings
By Jeffrey Olen, Vincent Barry, and Julie C. Van Camp '69
Thomson Wadsworth. 2007.
The ninth edition of this best-selling textbook of applied ethics attacks hard-hitting ethics debates such as gay marriage, stem-cell research, Guantanamo Bay, and abortion, offering students case studies through which to apply philosophical theories to contemporary issues.
Coauthor Julie C. Van Camp received her PhD in philosophy from Temple University and a J.D. cum laude from Georgetown University. Other publications include Ethical Issues in the Courts.

Ethical Issues in the Courts: A Companion to Philosophical Ethics
By Julie C. Van Camp '69
Wadsworth/Thomson. 2006.
The study of legal cases is increasingly common in undergraduate classrooms. Ethical Issues in the Courts provides excerpts from seventy-three important court decisions considering ethical issues studied in courses in philosophy, political science, and other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.This new edition adds fourteen more cases, including the latest decisions on euthanasia, gay marriage, the pledge of allegiance, affirmative action, and business and computer ethics, and includes a glossary, study guides, and discussion questions.
Julie C. Van Camp is professor of philosophy at California State University, Long Beach. She is also the coauthor of Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings (eighth edition).

Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings
By Julie C. Van Camp '69, Jeffrey Olen, and Vincent Barry Wadsworth
This new edition of Wadsworth's bestseller for introductory ethics courses includes a new unit on terrorism and civil liberties, along with new case studies on discrimination and privacy rights, updated information in all units, and new appendices. Topics covered include sexual morality, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, discrimination, social justice, animal rights, environmental ethics, and human cloning. Van Camp also prepared extensive supplementary material on the text for the Wadsworth Web site, including self-quizzing exercises and the instructor's manual.
Julie C. Van Camp is professor of philosophy at California State University, Long Beach. She previously published Ethical Issues in the Courts: A Companion to Philosophical Ethics (Wadsworth, 2001).

Ethical Issues in the Courts: A Companion to Philosophical Ethics
By Julie Van Camp '69
Wadsworth. 2000.
This legal casebook for undergraduates and the general public includes excerpts from seventy-two important court decisions on ethical issues. Van Camp has eliminated technical jargon while giving pertinent facts of the cases and the basis for the decisions. There are discussion and study-guide questions, guidance on how to read a court decision and a glossary. Topics include abortion; euthanasia; sex and marriage; gay rights; war, peace and pacifism; protecting nature and animal rights; obscenity, pornography and indecency; capital punishment; business and computer ethics; religious freedom; and affirmative action.
Julie Van Camp is a philosophy professor at California State University at Long Beach, where she teaches philosophy of law and applied ethics.

Rome: Ten Literary Walking Tours
By John Varriano
Chameleon Books. 2008.
In this revised edition of Varriano's guidebook, first published in 1991, eleven notable writers passionate about Rome treat tourists and armchair travelers alike to their praise of and outrage about it. Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, and Goethe are among those whose insights Varriano includes to help visitors discover the vistas, intimate streets, and timeless monuments of this extraordinary city.
John Varriano is professor of art history at MHC and author, most recently, of Caravaggio: The Art of Realism.

Caravaggio: The Art of Realism
By John Varriano
The Pennsylvania State University Press. 2006.
The dramatic realism of Caravaggio's art has fascinated viewers since the seventeenth century. Yet no prior monograph presents the thorough investigation of Caravaggio's realism ventured in John Varriano's book. Forgoing the "life and works" format of most earlier monographs, Varriano concentrates on uncovering the principles and practices, the intellect and the imagination, that guided Caravaggio's eye and brush as he made some of the most controversial paintings in the history of art.
John Varriano is Idella Plimpton Kendall Professor of Art at Mount Holyoke. He is the author of Italian Baroque and Rococo Architecture, as well as numerous articles and exhibition catalogues on early modern Italian art.

Valenciennes, Daubigny, and the Origins of French Landscape Painting
By Michael Marlais, John Varriano, and Wendy M. Watson
Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. 2004.
This catalogue accompanied a 2004 exhibition held at Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. For the show, "a well-chosen selection" of French landscapes was brought together from American museums and private collections to assess the role of the work of Valenciennes and Daubigny in the development of nineteenth-century French landscape painting, a reviewer from the London-based Burlington Magazine wrote. The subject is further explored in the book's "elegant" introductory essays.
John Varriano is Idella Plimpton Kendal Professor of Art and Art History at MHC, and Wendy Watson is curator of the Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art.

Transplantings: Essays on Great German Poets with Translations
By Peter R. Viereck
Transaction Publishers. 2008.
Transplantings provides new insight into Viereck as a poet and a public intellectual. In this look at German poetical history, he reviews Rilke, Goethe, and Novalis and probes the work of Sefan George and Georg Heym. A sixty-five-year project, the manuscript was completed shortly before the author's death in 2008.
Peter Viereck, professor emeritus of history at MHC, was a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and a seminal figure in the birth of American conservatism.

By Peter R. Viereck
Higganum Hill Books. 2005.
Enjoyed by readers for more than fifty years, PeterViereck's poems explore the themes of sacrifice, time, sexuality, nature, and the divine.With a continuing commitment to rhyme, the poems in this new collection create, as one reviewer put it, "startling verbal effects." German and Russian poems that have inspired the author are also included in the book.
Peter Viereck is professor emeritus at Mount Holyoke and author of numerous books, including the recently rereleased Conservative Thinkers From John Adams to Winston Churchill, Conservatism Revisited, Unadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment, and Metapolitics.

Strict Wildness: Discoveries in Poetry and History
By Peter R. Viereck
Transaction Publishers. 2005.
"Strict wildness" is Peter Viereck's own phrase, coined to describe what is vital in good poetry: spontaneity of feeling within a rigorous organic form. In exploring "strict wildness," Viereck addresses questions of modernism and poetic craft with respect to American poetry. He discusses the relationship between politics and poetics, using the examples of controversial poets Ezra Pound and Vachel Lindsay. Viereck offers more general views on poetics, examining the impact of modern technology on poetic expression and the tensions between form and content on which poets can thrive. He also discusses history and politics, from the Cold War and McCarthyism to the modern political conformity on both sides. In treating representative trends and figures in conservative thought, Viereck insists on clear awareness of what exists to conserve, what ought to be conserved, and why. These essays, written between 1938 and 2004, constitute an ideal introduction to Viereck's literary and political thought.
Peter Viereck is professor emeritus of history at MHC. His poetry has been called "the best in America today." Viereck contributes all earnings from his books to the Clio-Melpomene Prize, an annual award for Mount Holyoke seniors studying history or poetry.

Conservatism Revisited: The Revolt against Ideology
By Peter R. Viereck, with commentary by Claes Ryn
Transaction Publishers. 2004.
In Conservatism Revisited, Viereck undertakes an unorthodox analysis of the ultimate conservative, Prince Metternich, and offers evidence that cultural and political conservatism may be best adapted to sustain a free and reasonable society. This edition is a reissue of Viereck's classic work, with a new study on Viereck by Claes Ryn.
Peter Viereck is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, critic, and MHC professor emeritus of history.

The Unadjusted Man in the Age of Overadjustment: Where History and Literature Intersect
By Peter R. Viereck
Transaction Publishers. 2003.
Originally published in 1956, Unadjusted Man offers a biting critique of the American desire for normalcy that leads to a culture of the surrender of personality. The reissued book, which includes a new introduction, challenges the liberal presumption of a monopoly in critical thought, arguing that most varieties of liberal expression offer little else than the common platitude dressed up as a critique. Viereck's new material is presented without an attempt to rewrite personal history, and with an admission that not every prediction made in the original edition has come to fruition. For those seeking a work in the classic mold of conservatism, rather than the strident reactionary views that dominate much of the conservative dialogue today, Unadjusted Man offers a special entrance to the mind of a great figure in Americašs past and present culture wars.
MHC Professor Emeritus of History Peter Viereck is a critic, historian, and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet.

Metapolitics: From Wagner and the German Romantics to Hitler
By Peter Viereck
Transaction Publishers. 2003.
When first published in 1941, Metapolitics was hailed by Thomas Mann as the best explanation of Hitler and the Nazi evil. A revised edition was published in 1965 under the title Metapolitics: The Roots of the Nazi Mind. Now newly expanded, Metapolitics remains a key work in the cultural interpretation of Nazism, totalitarianism, and in the psychological interpretation of Hitler as a Wagnerite and failed artist. Viereck's study traces certain elements of the National Socialist philosophy back to German romantic poetry, music, and social thought. His essays on the case of Albert Speer, on Claus von Stauffenberg (the German officer who led the army conspiracy to assassinate Hitler), and on the poets Stefan George and Georg Heym appear here for the first time in book form.
Peter Viereck is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and professor emeritus of history.

European Voices: Modern Poetry in Translation
Edited by Daniel Weissbort; translated by Peter Viereck
Zephyr Press AZ. 2002.
Peter Viereck, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and MHC professor emeritus of history, is the featured translator in European Voices. An essay by Weissbort discusses Viereck's translations and poetry, as well has his relationship to poet Joseph Brodsky, with whom he cotaught courses during Brodsky's fifteen-year tensure at Mount Holyoke. Weissbort's essay includes Viereck's memorial poem to Brodsky, titled "Not Worms," and a generous sampling of translations, along with Viereck's comments.
Three of Peter Viereck's books - Metapolitics, The Unadjusted Man, and Conservatism Revisited - are being republished by Rutgers University Press.

Also available by Peter Viereck:
Conservative Thinkers: From John Adams to Winston Churchill
Shame and Glory of the Intellectuals
Terror and Decorum: Poems, 1940-1948
Archer in the Marrow
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