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Books by Mount Holyoke
Alumnae and Professors: M

Superheroes and Greek Tragedy: Comparing Cultural Icons
By Sally MacEwen '70
The Edwin Mellen Press. 2006.
The superhero sits at the intersection of ideology and desire, the person an audience looks to in a crisis, an icon against which any particular heroic representation is judged. By relating ancient Greek narratives to modern superhero films, Sally MacEwen's Superheroes and Greek Tragedy: Comparing Cultural Icons sheds new light on the superheroic ideal of a fifth-century Athenian and shows that there is no universal hero, only one who reflects the audience's self-image.
Sally McVaugh MacEwen '70 is associate professor of classical languages and literatures at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. Her work has covered Clytemnestra, pedagogy, and diversity in classics.

Fire on Ice: Autobiography of a Champion Figure Skater
By Sasha Cohen with Amanda Maciel '00
Avon Books. 2005.
Champion figure skater Sasha Cohen captured the world's attention at the 2002 Winter Olympics with her exquisite spiral and outstanding layback spin.Today she is the reigning queen of winter's most competitive sport and the most serious contender for the gold medal in 2006. Fire on Ice is Sasha's life story,from her discovery of the sport at age seven to her comeback from the injury that nearly ended her career. The book is illustrated with a color insert and black-and-white photographs.
Amanda Maciel is an editor in HarperCollins Publishers' children's department. She lives in New York City.

A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits
By Carol Klein Mack '60 and Dinah Mack
Arcade Publishing. 1998.
Covers the permutations of the demon and fairy species worldwide. For the armchair traveler and the adeptly intrepid alike, this illustrated guide observes the supernatural creatures in their natural habitats and compares them side-by-side, fang-by-talon, pointing out important commonalities of demonic features and motifs.
Carol Mack is a playwright. Her plays are included in Best Short Plays 1993-94 and 1990 (Applause Books). Her daughter and coauthor Dinah Mack teaches in the Springfield, Massachusetts, area and is earning her certificate in education.

What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War
By Chandra Manning '93
Random House. 2008.
Using wartime correspondence, this book traces the evolution of Union and Confederate soldiers' attitudes about slavery and patriotism. It shows both the increasing centrality of slavery to the Union's crusade as well as the centrality of slavery and racial ideology to the Confederate national identity.
Chandra Miller Manning is assistant professor of history at Georgetown University.

College Girls: A Century of Fiction
By Shirley Marchalonis
Rutgers University Press. 1995.
Using novels, short stories and some juvenile fiction from 1865 to 1940 - all of it specifically about college "girls" - the author examines historical objections to higher education for women and their significance in understanding women's education and women's history.
Shirley Marchalonis is professor of English and women's studies at Penn State University, Berks Campus.

The Intersection of International Law, Agricultural Biotechnology, and Infectious Disease
By Meredith Mariani '98
Brill Academic Publishers. 2007.
Mariani examines current global and regional legal frameoff works for infectious disease and genetically modified organisms. She weighs the positive and negative effects of using biotechnology from a public-health perspective and then analyzes the related legal issues.
Meredith Mariani has written articles on stemcell legislation for the University of Notre Dame Journal of Legislation and the International Center for Technology Assessment. She lives in Northern Virginia.

Puerto Rican Poetry: An Anthology from Aboriginal to Contemporary Times
By Roberto Marquez
University of Massachusetts Press. 2007.
Dissatisfied with the existing English translations of Puerto Rican poets, Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Roberto Marquez, set about translating over sixty-four works, some dating back to the fifteenth century, to compile a comprehensive, well-organized anthology of poetry.
Roberto Marquez is William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at MHC. A respected translator of a wide variety of Latin American poets and writers, he is also the editor of the bilingual anthology Latin American Revolutionary Poetry.

Picture of Me: Who I Am in 221 Questions
By Kate Lacy Marshall '81 and David Marshall
Broadway Books. 2009.
A fill-in book with prompts, checklists, and places for photos and doodles, this book helps reveal a clearer portrait of who you are and what makes you tick. You'll consider what you love about your closest friends, what your three best physical features are, and who would star in a movie version of your love life. Picture of Me is a fun and helpful tool to inspire a vision of where you've been and where you're headed.
Kate Lacy Marshall '81 and her husband have written numerous other journal-type books including The Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions.

Words to Live by: A Journal of Wisdom for Someone You Love
By Emily Marshall and Kate Lacy Marshall '81
Broadway Books. 2005.
When Kate Marshall was preparing to send her daughter, Emily, off to college, she decided to create a treasury of advice from valued family members that Emily could take with her out into the world. The resulting template is Words to Live By, a fill-in advice book that gives readers the perfect place to pass their knowledge on to the next generation. Developed by a mother-daughter team, this personalized journal provides tips for those writing in and organizing the journal and offers writers leading sentences at the top of each page, along with ample room to fill in a lovingly penned life lesson. From healthy minds, bodies, and spirits to friendship, marriage, work, and parenting, writers will find thoughtprovoking springboards to giving sound advice. An ideal gift for graduations or milestone birthdays.
Kate Marshall is the coauthor of Book of My Pet. Emily Marshall is a freshman at Wesleyan University.

What Managers Say, What Employees Hear: Connecting with Your Front Line
Edited by Regina Fazio Maruca '84
Praeger Publishers. 2006.
In retail stores, on shop floors, and in offices around the country, a refrain of disillusionment and distrust is being sung, and its negative effects on corporate performance are profound. What Managers Say, What Employees Here reveals the roots and effects of these problems, and presents practical insights for bridging the gaps between management nad employees - and improving everyone's performance in the process.
Regina Fazio Maruca is a writer and editor specializing in leadership, marketing, and organizational issues. She is also a principal at the Center for Executive Development in Boston and a former senior editor of the Harvard Business Review.

Your Leadership Legacy: Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today
By Robert M. Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca '84
Harvard Business School Press. 2006.
You should wait until late in your career to worry about your legacy, right? Not according to Robert Galvord and Regina Maruca. They argue that thinking about your legacy now makes you a better leader today, no matter how far you are from your retirement. Based on in-depth stories of top leaders who have shaped successful careers, Your Leadership Legacy explores the art of "legacy thinking" and the ways it can exert a positive effect on your work immediately.
Regina Fazio Maruca is a writer and editor specializing in leadership, marketing, and organizational issues. She is also a principal at the Center for Executive Development in Boston and a former senior editor of the Harvard Business Review.

Pinstripes & Pearls: The Women of the Harvard Law Class of '64
By Judith Richards Hope
Scribner. 2003.
Pinstripes and Pearls chronicles the history-making Harvard Law class of 1964, which included fifteen women who became some of the most prominent members of their generation. They include former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder and University of Chicago bioethicist Ann Dudley Goldblatt, as well as Rosemary Cox Masters '61, Barbara Margulies Rossotti '61, and Grace Weiner Wolf '61. The book tells the story of the fifteen pioneering and gutsy women who worked together to overcome discrimination, break into a male-dominated profession, and establish a network of friendships and alliances that survives to this day.
Judith Richards Hope, a member of the Harvard's legendary class of '64, became the first female associate director of the White House Domestic Council in 1975. In 1981 she cofounded the Washington office of the Paul Hastings law firm, where she was the first female partner and first female executive committee member.

Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration
Edited by Lisa S. Gray Mastrangelo '93 and Barbara L'Eplattenier
Parlor Press. 2004.
Historical Studies in Writing Program Administration: Individuals, Communities, and the Formation of a Discipline traces the existence of academics who functioned as writing- program administrators before the official founding of the Council of Writing Program Administrators in 1976. This book collects essays that shine new light on the early history of the writing-program administration, and includes narratives from administrators at women's colleges, historically black and Catholic universities, and "normal universities." In addition, issues of workload, professionalization, and democratic administration are featured. This collection includes an essay by Mastrangelo and L'Eplattenier that discusses Clara Stevens, who taught at Mount Holyoke and administered the English department from 1884 to 1921. The essay also discusses Stevens's involvement in the 1919 Intercollege Conference on English Composition.
Lisa S. Gray Mastrangelo is an associate professor of English at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey.

Heirs of Jane Austen: Twentieth-Century Writers of the Comedy of Manners
By Rachel Rose Mather '51
Peter Lang Publishing. 1996.
Emphasizes the uniqueness, similarity and diversity in the social comedies of three British writers of the early twentieth century working in the tradition of Jane Austen: Edward F. Benson, E. M. Delafield and Angela Thirkell.
Rachel Mather is assistant professor in the School of Management and Business at Adelphi University.

Russian Nuclear Shield from Stalin to Yeltsin: The Cold War and Beyond
By Jennifer G. Mathers '86
St. Martin's Press. 2000.
Mathers examines the Soviet motivation for developing antiballistic missile defense (ABM) and the extent of any success. The book also focuses on the role played by ABM in Moscow's relationship with the United States, and how its possibility continues to fascinate many in Russia who see ABM as protection against weapons proliferation and regional instability.
Jennifer G. Mathers is a lecturer in the Department of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Bookcase Ghost: A Storyteller's Collection of Wisconsin Ghost Stories
By Elizabeth Matson '82 and Stuart Stotts
Midwest Traditions. 1996.
Eighteen "pleasantly blood-curdling" tales from Wisconsin, traditional in form, collected from varied sources and retold by two experienced storytellers.
In Madison, Wisconsin, storyteller and writer Elizabeth Matson makes her living as a children's bookseller. Stuart Stotts is a full-time children's songwriter, musician and storyteller.

Sketchbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
By Gay Humphrey Matthaei '52 and Jewel Grutman
Chronicle Books. 2001.
This sequel to Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is the fictional account of a young Lakota brave who joins Buffalo Bill Cody's "Wild West Show" to earn the horses and money he needs to marry his sweetheart. His sketchbook records his travels throughout the United States and Europe. Grounded in historical research, the book includes comments from a Native American historian.
Gay Humphrey Matthaei and her twin sister Jewel Grutman were awarded both a 1995 International Readers Award and a Christopher Award for Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle

Also available by Gay Humphrey Matthaei:
The Journal of Julia Singing Bear

Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
By Sheila J. Curran and Suzanne Greenwald
Ten Speed Press. 2006.
This book outlines the career twists of twenty-three liberal arts graduates, including Kathleen Maurer '84, seeking their life's work. At the heart of Maurer's success in becoming chief financial officer at the Andy Warhol Foundation were school relationships outside of class, continual self challenge, and fine-tuning the hunt with career-specific questions. An excellent handbook for any student seeking proven strategies to follow a passion.

Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism
By Angelo Mazzocco
Brill. 2006.
Renaissance humanism, the European intellectual movement of the fourteenth century, focused on human dignity, valued human potential, and examined the place of mankind in nature. This collection of scholarly essays examines the diverse and fascinating range of this Renaissance movement - from the papal court to the medieval traditions - through religious, literary, and dramatic contexts.
Angelo Mazzocco, MHC professor emeritus of Spanish and Italian, specializes in medieval and Renaissance culture. He has published extensively on antiquarianism and historical linguistics, include Linguistic Theories in Dante and the Humanists.

Linguistic Theories in Dante and the Humanists
By Angelo Mazzocco
E. J. Brill. 1993.
This book provides an open-ended reading of Dante's literature on language and a systematic reconstruction of the whole body of humanistic literature on linguistic phenomena. It recaptures the theorectical assumptions - philological empiricism, political ideology, stylistic imperatives, literary aspirations - that shaped the thinking of Bruni, Biondo, Alberti, Guarino, Poggio, Filelfo, Valla, Landino, and Lorenzo de Medici. The work goes beyond the strict, technical perphery of linguistic enquiry and becames a study of intellectual history.
Angel Mazzocco is professor of Italian and Spanish at Mount Holyoke.

Collective Dreams: Political Imagination and Community
By Keally D. McBride '91
Penn State Press. 2005.
In Collective Dreams, Keally McBride looks at ideals of community as the predominant form of political imagination in America today. She examines how these ideals circulate without having much impact on social change and how this provides an opportunity to explore the hardship of practicing critical theory in a capitalist society. McBride investigates how ideals of community intersect with conceptions of self and identity, family, the public sphere and civil society, and the state. She reveals how consumer culture affects our collective experiences of community as well as our imagination of political and social orders.
Keally McBride is a professor of political science at Temple University.

Nightmare Therapy
By Kevin McCaffrey
Xlibris. 2002.
What happens when nightmares become reality and no one really notices? In a future marked by societal collapse, young, disaffected urbanites become involved in group therapy sessions to explore their nightmares. Along the way, these post­New Age inner-explorers not only experience their worst fears, but also find that their nightmares are becoming deadly. A contemporary comedy of ideas masquerading as a schlock horror novel, Nightmare Therapy moves rapidly through a drug-twisted world of feminist anti-car terrorists, homicidal children, political egomania, unwholesome Francophilia, and occasional - and wholly gratuitous - inundations of bodily fluids and other sickening effluvia. But love triumphs in the end!
Kevin McCaffrey, associate director of communications, oversees media relations at Mount Holyoke College.

At War and At Home: One Family's World War II Correspondence
By Robert M. McClung and Gale S. McClung '45
iUniverse. 2007.
As letter writing is fast becoming a lost art in our world of e-mail, megabytes, and instant messaging, this touching collection of one family's correspondence during World War II is a reminder of earlier times. Readers follow the McClung family through the war as three sons are deployed into service.
Gale Stubbs McClung is editor emeritus of the Mount Holyoke Quarterly. She is coauthor of the Book of Distinguished American Women.

Images of Congo
Edited by Christie McDonald '64
5 Continents Editions. 2005.
Images of Congo explores the life and work of NewYork artist Anne Eisner, who lived in the former Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) during the 1940s and 1950s. Eisner came to live at Camp Putnam, a research station, lodge, and dispensary on the edge of the Iturirain forest, and spent time in Mbuti Pygmy camps. Unlike Paul Gauguin, for whom the Tahitians served mainly as artistic objects, Eisner entered into the lives of the people whose everyday gestures inspired her work. She transcribed legends, wrote ethnographic notes, and brought up three orphaned Pygmy children within a network of mothers. Celebrities, tourists, game hunters, and art collectors came to Camp Putnam for firsthand experience of the rainforest and the Pygmies. The writers in this volume discuss Eisner's life, collecting of objects, art, and writings.
Christie McDonald is the Smith Professor of French Language and Literature and chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University.

Enter Sandman
By Stephanie Williams, edited by Ellie McGrath '74
McWitty Press. 2004.
It's hard to tell which is more compelling: this "charming and unflinching" novel or the dramatic story behind its creation. Author Williams, like her book's main character Trisha Portman, seemed to have it all - hot job in Manhattan, youth, beauty, devoted friends, and an adoring boyfriend. But both fictional heroine and real-life author were struck by breast cancer. As Williams fought for her life, she wrote this novel exploring "the tyranny of the superficial, the power of friendship - and the mystery of what people choose to leave behind." One reviewer wrote, "Enter Sandman is nothing you'd expect - particularly if you expect a book by a young woman dying of cancer to be depressing or preachy ... [the book] is funny, feisty, and full of a kind of spirit we would all do well to imitate." Realizing Williams didn't have time to find a publisher the usual way, editor Ellie McGrath formed a publishing firm to bring this book to print more quickly. McGrath placed the first copy of Sandman in Williams's hands just three weeks before she died in July 2004 at the age of thirty-three.
Ellie McGrath '74 has had a long editorial career as a writer and editor at Time magazine, Time-Life Books, and Conde Nast Publications. She is the author of My One and Only: The Special Experience of the Only Child.

Guinevere's Gift
By Nancy McKenzie '70
Knopf. 2008.
Marked at birth by a prophecy of greatness, Guinevere, the future wife of legendary King Arthur, is remarkable only for being awkward and tomboyish. But a chance meeting in the forest sets in motion a series of events that force Guinevere to accept the power of the prophecy.
Nancy Affleck McKenzie is the author of several novels based on Arthurian tales. This is her first novel for young adults.

Prince of Dreams: A Tale of Tristan and Essyllte
By Nancy Affleck McKenzie '70
Del Rey. 2004.
At sixteen, Tristan wins the kingdom of Britain for his uncle Markion of Cornwall. At eighteen, he falls in love with his uncle's new wife, Essylte. Desire, deception, disguise, magic, murder, exile, sacrifice, heroic rescue, and wild adventure follow in this fast-paced tale of love and honor in post-Arthurian Britain. Prince of Dreams brings the classic tale of doomed lovers Tristan and Isolde to a new generation, and is the third in McKenzie's series of novels of the Arthurian legend.
Nancy McKenzie - - is currently working on a sequel to Prince of Dreams and a series about Queen Guinevere's childhood.

Grail Prince
By Nancy Affleck McKenzie '70
Del Rey Books/Ballantine Books. 2003.
Grail Prince tells the story of Galahad, the son of Lancelot, who swore to King Arthur that he would search for the lost treasures of an ancient king - a grail, a spear, and a sword - which would safeguard the future of Britain. This quest will prove to be the greatest challenge the young knight has ever faced, as he struggles with his past and tries to banish thoughts of the intoxicating Dandrane from his mind. Galahad tries desperately to fulfill the prophecy of the Lady of the Lake and find the treasures that will save his homeland.
Nancy McKenzie - - is the author of several other novels including The Child Queen and Queen of Camelot. She is currently writing the final installment in her Arthurian series, Dreamer of Lyonesse.

Queen of Camelot
By Nancy Affleck McKenzie '70
Del Rey Books/Ballantine Books. 2002.
Here in one volume are Nancy McKenzie's two novels of Queen Guinevere, originally published in 1994 and 1995 as The Child Queen and The High Queen. In them, Guinevere tells here own story of life in fifth-century Britain at King Arthur's court, revealing a world rife with violence, intrigue, passion and betrayal, ambition and the pursuit of honor. This version of the novels reflects the symmetry of the original manuscript and has been edited to remove parts added when the manuscript was divided into separate books. "Thus," says the author, "Queen of Camelot [is] like a prodigal child, dearer to my heart than either of its predecessors."
Nancy Affleck McKenzie has written two sequels to the Guinevere books that are scheduled for publication by Del Rey in 2003 and 2004.

The Last Dance: Facing Alzheimer's with Love and Laughter
By Ann McLane Kuster with Susan Neidlinger McLane '51
Peter E. Randall. 2004.
Throughout her twenty-five years in the New Hampshire legislature and run for Congress in 1980, Susan McLane advocated for the mentally ill, welfare mothers, and dignity in dying. She fought to save the environment and was a tireless advocate for women in politics. The Last Dance is the "painfully honest story," says journalist and friend David Broder, of how McLane and her loving family dealt with her losing her memory and self to Alzheimer's disease. More than five million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. With the book, the author and her mother hope to provide a model for coping with a heartbreaking illness.
Susan McLane spent her freshman year at Mount Holyoke. Ann McLane Kuster is her daughter.

The Garden of Ediacara: Discovering the First Complex Life
By Mark McMenamin
Columbia University Press. 1998.
Chronicles the discovery of Ediacarans - an unusual group of fossils over a half a billion years old - in Africa, Mexico and elsewhere. Focuses on the scientific debates regarding these forms and concludes that the fossils will play a crucial role in amending our understanding of evolutionary theory.
Mark McMenamin is professor of geology at Mount Holyoke.

Concepts of Symbiogenesis
By Liya Nikolaevna. Mark McMenamin, editor
Yale University Press. 1993.
The author traces the development of symbiogenesis (a term - coined by the Russian botanist K. S. Merezhkovsky in the late 19th century - meaning the evolution of new life forms from the physical union of different, once-independent partners) in Russian and Soviet scientific literature to theories of symbiosis in evolution.
Liya N. Khakhina is affiliated with the History of Science section of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation. Mark McMenamin is associate professor and chair of the department of geography and geology at Mount Holyoke.

Hypersea: Life on Land
By Mark A. S. McMenamin and Dianna L. S. McMenamin
Columbia University Press.
The authors present a provocative new theory to explain the origin and diversification of life on land. Their theory ehlps explain why the land biota ought to be viewed as a geological as well as a biological phenomenon, how interconnections between organisms helped land life spread, and how these interconnections developed over the course of geologic time. In the final chapter, the authors discuss the significance of Hypersea for human life.
Mark McMenamin is associate professor of geology at Mount Holyoke. Dianna McMenamin has published articles in Nature, Science, and Precambian Research.

Also available by Mark McMenamin:
Concise Phoenician-English English-Phoenician Dictionary
Emergence of Animals: The Cambrian Breakthrough
The Biosphere: Complete Annotated Edition
Carthaginians Were Here: Evidence for an Early Crossing of the Atlantic
Make Your Own Circular Slide Rule
Sympathy for the Slide Rule: Slide Rules in Scientific Innovation and Technology Education
Thbo Tsrm Adrnm Wod Tsornm

Architecture and the Arts and Crafts Movement in Boston
By Maureen I. Meister '75
University Press of New England. 2004.
Boston architect and educator H. Langford Warren founded Harvard University's architecture program in 1893. Soon after, he helped found the Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston. While historians have long associated proto-modernist architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene and Greene with the Arts and Crafts Movement, they have all but ignored the more conservative designs that prevailed in Boston. Meister examines Warren and his career, illustrating how he and a circle of Boston architects shared an arts and crafts philosophy that formed the basis of their work - work that does not lead neatly to modernism, but that rightfully should be considered arts and crafts architecture all the same.
Maureen Meister has taught art history courses at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Northeastern University, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, since 1982.

The Advisor's Guide to Money Psychology
By Olivia Mellan (Shapiro) '68 with Sherry Christie (Fish) '68
Investment Advisor Press. 2002.
Money Psychology offers advice on building strong professional relationships that can withstand the ups and downs of the financial marketplace. Mellan covers issues such as money personality types and gender differences, sudden loss or gain of wealth and values clashes, and preventing burnout in a practice.
Olivia Mellan Shapiro is a speaker and money therapist in Washington, D.C. Sherry Christie Fish is a writer in Jonesport, Maine. Together, they have written three best-selling money advice books.

Money Shy to Money Sure: A Woman's Road Map to Financial Well-Being
By Olivia Mellan '68 and Sherry Christie '68
Walker & Company. 2001.
Money therapist Olivia Mellan and financial expert Sherry Christie have teamed up to expose the cultural myths that sabotage women's ability to be comfortable with financial issues. Mellan and Christie use interviews with hundreds of women across the country, including Katie Couric, Tony Awardwinning actress Faith Prince, and politician Eleanor Holmes Norton, to chronicle issues relating to money and financial security that are shared by women from all walks of life. Each of the seven chapters tackles a single myth that prevents women from taking the steps that will allow them control over and creativity with money and success in their lives.
Olivia Mellan Shapiro, a groundbreaking therapist in the field of money-conflict resolution, is the best-selling author of several books. Sherry Christie Fish is a writer who specializes in financial matters.

The Cock Crows No More
By Mona Siegler Mender '47
Xlibris. 2000.
In this mystery novel, Lawrence Forrestier, a succesful and brilliant music critic in New York City, falls to his death from his box in Symphony Hall during a concert intermission. Forrestier is widely admired for his knowledgeable and clever reviews, though some musicians have been the victims of his arrogant, cutting, and at times malicious style. There are also Forrestier's personal and business relationships, which he uses ruthlessly for his own advancement. So it is quite possible that some wish for his downfall, perhaps even literally.
Mona Mender's lifelong interest has been music.

Extraordinary Women in Support of Music
By Mona Siegler Mender '47
Scarecrow Press. 1997.
Biographies celebrating women in the Western world - including Gertrude Stein, Queen Elizabeth I, Nadia Boulanger, Beverly Sills and Isadora Duncan - who have contributed their support, passion and commitment to music and the lives of musicians. Many of these women were the power behind the development of the Metropolitan Opera, the Hollywood Bowl, Tanglewood, Aspen and other institutions, festivals and organizations.
Mona Mender has supported the arts in her own way as a teacher of piano and music theory and by serving on various music assocation boards.

Also available by Mona Siegler Mender:
Music Manuscript Preparation: A Concise Guide

Presenting Avi
By Susan P. Bloom and Cathryn M. Mercier '81
Macmillan/Twayne. 1997.
A biocritical study of Avi, who has written over thirty-three books for children and young adults and remains one of the most critically acclaimed and popular writers for young people today.
Susan Bloom and Cathryn Mercier direct the Center for the Study of Children's Literature at Simmons College.

Also available by Cathryn Mercier:
Presenting Zibby Oneal

Water's Edge: Women Who Push the Limits in Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing
By Linda Lewis
Seal Press. 1992.
A chapter on "The 1984 Eight" chronicles the rowing lives of eight women (including Holly Metcalf '81) who came together to form the U.S. women's team which won the gold medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Righteous Propagation
By Michele Mitchell '87
University of North Carolina Press. 2004.
Between 1877 and 1930, African American activists promoted different strategies for progress and power built around "racial destiny," the idea that black Americans formed a collective whose future existence would be determined by the actions of its members. In this book, Mitchell examines the implications of racial destiny, demonstrating how it linked particular visions of gender, conduct, and sexuality to collective well-being. Mitchell reinterprets black protest and politics and recasts the way we think about black sexuality and progress after Reconstruction.
Michele Mitchell is associate professor of history and Afroamerican and African studies at the University of Michigan. She is coeditor of Dialogues of Dispersal: Gender, Sexuality, and African Diasporas.

By Nancy Leech Mohr '55
Courage Books. 2002.
The Farmhouse details the history, regional architectural differences, and ties that link farmhouses to the cultural and economic development of North America. Amish, Pennsylvania brick and stone, New England, Greek Revival, and Victorian plantation houses are among the architectural styles described. More than fifty large-format color photographs portray both the interior details and distinct styles that characterize farmhouses across the United States and Canada.
Nancy Leech Mohr is the author of The Log Home and The Barn, also published by Courage Books. Her freelance articles have appeared in Smithsonian, House Beautiful, and Ladies' Home Journal.

Navajo Beadwork: Architectures of Light
By Ellen K. Moore '66
University of Arizona Press. 2003.
Navajo Beadwork, the first history of the art form, examines both the influence of Navajo beliefs in the creation of art and the primacy of light and color in Navajo culture. Moore traces the evolution of the art as explained by traders, Navajo consultants, and the artists themselves. For many beadworkers, creating designs taps deeply embedded beliefs so that beaded objects reflect their thoughts and prayers, aesthetic sensibilities, and sense of cultural identity. The book is illustrated with the author's color photographs of the works and the landscapes that inspired them.
Ellen K. Moore is curator of education at the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Backroads and Byways of New Mexico: Drives, Day Trips & Weekend Excursions
By Sally Choate Moore '58
The Countryman Press. 2007.
Sally Choate Moore invites you to get lost in "the land of enchantment" in her travel guide, Backroads and Byways of New Mexico. The guide takes travelers through ten weekend day trips and getaways. Moore highlights something for everyone, whether you're a native of the area or passing through for the first time.
In her pursuit of travel stories, Sally Choate Moore has worked with an archaeological crew in Utah and camped on the shores of a crocodile-infested billabong in the Australian outback. She lives in Albuquerque.

Culinary New Mexico: The Ultimate Food Lover's Guide
By Sally Choate Moore '58
Fulcrum Publishing. 2005.
Culinary New Mexico takes an adventurous look at anything and everything food-related in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexican food reflects the state's history, fusing the cooking of old Mexico, Spain, and indigenous peoples into a unique local cuisine.The book is organized by geographical region, and further subdivided into the major tourist areas of Santa Fe,Taos, and Albuquerque. Moore's comprehensive guide provides something for every taste and pocketbook, from gourmet groceries to cooking schools, farmers markets to food festivals, and elegant metropolitan bistros to modest mom-and-pop tacquerias.
Sally Moore is a professional food and travel writer. She lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Country Roads of Pennsylvania (1999)
By Sally Choate Moore '58
Country Roads Press. 1993.
From the Delaware River to the shores of Lake Erie, Pennsylvania is a state of geographic and cultural diversity. Skirting the tourist routes, the author guides travelers to Pine Creek Gorge (the state's Grand Canyon), the toboggan run at Eagles Mere, the steam train ride on the Blue Mountain & Reading at South Hamburge, etc.
Sally Moore is a freelance travel writer and former director of communications for the Pennsylvania state travel office.

Executioner's Current
By Richard Moran
Knopf. 2002.
Moran's book chronicles how the electric chair developed through one nineteenth-century electric company's effort to discredit the other. Thomas Edison, in order to maintain commercial dominance, set out to ruin the image of George Westinghouse's alternating current (AC) by persuading the state of New York to use it to electrocute condemned prisoners. Westinghouse, determined to keep AC from becoming known as the "executioner's current," fought to stop the first electrocution, claiming that the electric chair constituted cruel and unusual punishment. This superbly told tale of industrial and political skullduggery brings to light a little-known chapter of modern American history.
Richard Moran, professor of sociology, is the author of Knowing Right from Wrong: The Insanity Defense of Daniel Mcnaughtan

Pond Watching with Ann Morgan
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Carolrhoda Books. 2000.
Have you ever wondered how animals breate underwater, or why dragonflies "patrol" ponds? Picture yourself exploring the world of water, like Ann Morgan (MHC professor of zoology, 1906-1947). At a time when few women were scientists, Ann became a pond expert who inspired her students with field trips to mucky places. She also helped people understand that living things depend on each other, and their environments, to survive. This children's book follows Ann as she uncovers the mysteries of newts, mayflies and other water creatures and shows readers how to conduct their own investigations.
Author Michael Ross acknowledged MHC archivist Patricia Albright for her help on this book.

Community Participation in Health: The Politics of Primary Care in Costa Rica
By Lynn M. Morgan
Cambridge University Press. 1993.
Of interest to medical anthropologists, planners, and anyone concerned with international health and development policy, this book shows how community participation in health was sacrificed to competing political priorities in Costa Rica, a country known for its dedication to health care.
Lynn Morgan is assistant professor of anthropology at Mount Holyoke.

Fetal Subjects, Feminist Positions
Edited By Lynn M. Morgan and Meredith W. Michaels
University of Pennsylvania Press. 1999.
Since Roe v. Wade, there has been increasing public interest in fetuses, in part as a result of effective antiabortion propaganda and in part as a result of developments in medicine and technology. While feminists have begun to take note of the proliferation of fetal images in various media, few have openly addressed the problems that the emergence of the fetal subject poses for feminism. This book foregrounds feminism's effort to focus on the importance of women's reproductive agency, and acknowledges the increasing significance of fetal subjects in public discourse and private experience. It provides scholars and reproductive rights activists a forum for dialogue about fetuses without conceding to a moral or political agenda that would sanctify them at women's expense.
Lynn Morgan is MHC professor of anthropology. Meredith Michaels is research associate in philosophy at Smith College.

Life Worth Living: Practical Strategies for Reducing Depression in Older Adults
By Pearl (Cinq-Mars) Mosher-Ashley '72 (MA '77) and Phyllis W. Barrett
Health Professions Press. 1997.
Presents tools for use with older adults experiencing depressive symptoms that often accompany the life changes associated with aging. Eleven innovative interventions - built around everyday activities such as gardening, exercising, reading and reminiscing - are designed to appeal to every older person. Appropriate for older adults living independently, in congregate care or in long-term care settings. Instructions for implementation and troubleshooting tips help ensure positive results.
Pearl Mosher-Ashley is professor of psychology, department of social and behavioral sciences, at Worcester State College in Massachusetts; Phyllis Barrett is professor of English at Holyoke Community College.

Women, Information and the Future: Collecting and Sharing Resources Worldwide
Edited by Eva Steiner Moseley '53
Highsmith Press. 1995.
Based on an international converence sponsored by the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America (held at Radcliffe College in 1994), the forty-seven articles in this book were drawn from over 100 presentations outlining the evolution of women's libraries, archives and documentation centers, and the present and future challenges of facilitating access to information for women worldwide.
Eva Steiner Moseley is curator of manuscripts at Radcliffe College.

Fred Moseley is associate professor of economics at Mount Holyoke.

Books available by Fred Moseley:
New Investigations of Marx's Method
Heterodox Economic Theories: True or False?
The Imperiled Economy, Book 1: Macroeconomics from a Left Perspective
International Perspectives on Profitability and Accumulation

Displaced Allegories: Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema
By Negar Mottahedeh '90
Duke University Press. 2008.
Throughout the 1970s, feminist scholars bemoaned the fact that the desiring or male-gaze approach to camera angles dominated almost all movies and objectified women. Mottahedeh argues that after the revolution in Iran, convention was unintentionally turned upside down when modesty laws required women to be veiled at all times, transforming the desiring gaze into an averted one, and national cinema into women's cinema.
Negar Mottahedeh is assistant professor of literature and women's studies at Duke University. She was born in Iran.

Fruits of Victory: The Woman's Land Army of America in the Great War
By Elaine F. Weiss
Potomac Books. 2008.
Four hundred Mount Holyoke College students took up hoes in 1917 to work on the college farm during the first summer of World War I. Spurred on by MHC President Mary Woolley, students, faculty, and alumnae served in the Woman's Land Army in 1918 to help feed a nation at war. Weiss rescues this largely untold story of an amazing mobilization of "farmerettes" who harvested everything from cherries in Michigan to cotton in Georgia with determination and patriotism.
Elaine F. Weiss is a journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Final Fore
By Roberta Isleib
Berkley/Penguin. 2006.
At the bucolic Mount Holyoke College campus, Cassie Burdette is steeling her nerves for the U.S. Women's Open, the most prestigious - and toughest - women's golf event in the world. She's already rattled by the absence of Laura, her favorite caddie, and by a controversial invitation to a men's pro tournament. But then a rival dies, and Cassie learns that in high-stakes golf, competition can truly be murder.
Roberta Isleib is a clinical psychologist and mystery writer. She researched Final Fore at Mount Holyoke the summer of 2005.

Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation
By Mount Holyoke College mathematics and statistics faculty
Springer-Verlag. 1997.
Composed of sixteen laboratory investigations which allow students to explore rich and diverse concepts in mathematics. A hands-on, experimental approach that requires completion of a semester of calculus. Instructor's manual available.
Collaborators include Mount Holyoke's George Cobb, Giuliana Davidoff, Alan Durfee, Janice Gifford, Donal O'Shea, Mark Peterson, Harriet Pollatsek, Margaret Robinson, Lester Senechal and Robert Weaver; and J. William Bruce of the University of Liverpool.

On the Line: Inside the World of Le Bernardin
By Eric Ripert and Christine Muhlke '92
Artisan Books. 2008.
On the Line is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the world-class restaurant Le Bernardin in New York. Told from the point of view of the principal players - chefs, maitre d', sommelier - the story lets you feel the creativity and accomplishment as 150,000 plates of culinary perfection are sent out from the kitchen every year.
Christin Muhlke is an editor at The New York Times. She has written for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Food & Wine, and other publications.

The P. R. I. D. E. Factor: How To Bounce Back When You Think You Can't
By Carol Ann Munschauer '69 and Dave Hood
AuthorHouse. 2004.
The ability to bounce back from everyday adversities as well as large-scale disasters is essential to one's health and longevity. Clinical psychologist Munschauer and children's television host Hood team up to create the P.R.I.D.E. factor, offering advice on how to sustain, rekindle, and revitalize self-esteem and motivation after failure, illness, injury, or disappointment. Anyone who thinks "I shouldn't have done that" or "That shouldn't have happened to me" can find in The P.R.I.D.E. Factor the help necessary to rebound, look forward, and move on to a healthier outlook on life.
Carol Ann Munschauer was awarded the Edith Sabshin national teaching prize in 2001 for her work in translating psychoanalytic concepts for the layperson. She lives in Amherst, New York.

By Sabina Murray '89
Grove/Atlantic. 2007.
In her fourth book, Murray tells the story of Rupert Brigg, a recently divorced man grappling with the death of his son. Set in the summer of 1963, Murray tells Brigg's story as he travels to Greece to collect pieces for his uncle's art collection. In his efforts to uncover the artwork, he finds himself uncovering his own past while learning about the rebellion and murder that lurk beneath Athens's surface.
Sabina Murray is the author of The Caprices, which won the 2003 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. She teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The Caprices
By Sabina Murray '89
Houghton Mifflin. 2001.
Each of the nine short stories in The Caprices takes the Pacific campaign of the Second World War as its setting, telling the stories of ordinary people caught in horrifying conflict. Drawing upon her own family's experiences in the Philippines, Murray writes about how war affects soldiers and civilians alike, both while the battles are being waged and in the decades to come. By establishing connections between past and present, these stories illuminate the continuing impact of conflict half a century ago, inspiring reflection on the consequences of our own troubled times.
Sabina Murray's stories have appeared in Ploughshares, Ontario Review, New England Review, and other magazines. She has also written a screenplay for the upcoming movie Beautiful Country, starring Nick Nolte.

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